[CH] SBB orders 4-car FLIRT trains for RER Waadt/Vaud

The Swiss federal railways (SBB) have placed an order for fourteen 4-car FLIRT EMUs for use in the Waadt/Vaud canton, on its so-called ‘RER’ network. The trains, with a value of SFR 125 million, will be 75 meters long and will feature 324 seats. Delivery is scheduled to start in 2020. 

The ‘Réseau Express Régional Vaudois’ an S-Bahn style suburban train network and is located around the Swiss city of Lausanne. A difference is though that the RER Vaud network does not have its own infrastructure, it uses the tracks of SBB. The rolling stock fleet currently in use comprises Stadler FLIRT trains (23x), plus the older, but modernized NPZ ‘Domino’ trains (13x).

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