[FR] Alstom to supply 30 Coradia trains to SNCF Mobilités, reinforcing the regional TET trains

Alstom is to supply SNCF Mobilités with 30 trains from its Coradia platform, for an amount worth approximately €250 million. The order was placed in the context of the renewal of the Corail trains on the Intercity lines. Delivery of the new trains is scheduled from September 2018 onwards.

These 30 new trains will benefit several routes: Paris – Amiens – Boulogne, services to Montluçon from Paris and Bourges, Clermont-Ferrand – Nîmes (Cévenol), Toulouse – Hendaye, as well as lines in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region (Bordeaux – La Rochelle, Bordeaux – Limoges). They are in addition to the 34 Coradia Liner trains ordered in October 2013 for the Intercity lines, the first of which were delivered to SNCF Mobilités in November 2016.

 “The first Coradia Liner Intercity trains, which run at 160 km/h, were approved and delivered at the end of 2016 and placed into commercial service in February 2017. This additional order is excellent news and will ensure the workload of our Reichshoffen site for 2018,” says Jean-Baptiste Eyméoud, President of Alstom in France. 

The 30 new trains come in three layouts:

  • 9x electric trains, 72 metre length, intercity comfort level
  • 10x hybrid trains (diesel+electric), 110 metre length, intercity comfort level
  • 11x hybrid trains (diesel+electric), 72 metre length, regional comfort level

The trains will be able to accommodate 165 passengers in their short version or 300 passengers in their long version.

Railcolor: Alstom is not explicitly mentioning what type of Coradia trains they are delivering under this contract. The trains with ‘regional comfort levels’ can either be a Coradia Polyvalent or a downgraded version of the Coradia Liner V160.

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