[NL] Utrecht: First CAF Urbos LRV is moving

On 18.01.2017, a CAF LRV made its first run in Utrecht. The 5-car vehicle, part of the future 6000 series, made a test run on the perimeters of the Nieuwegein depot. Around 100 people joined deputy Jacqueline Verbeek-Nijhof, Lot van Hooijdonk, the director of U-OV Michel van den Munckhof and the CEO of CAF, Mr. Josu Esnaola, during this short promotional run.

Utrecht LRV project milestones

  • 12.2014: CAF to deliver 27 5-car trams for the Uithoflijn
  • 12.2016: Official: SUNIJ line to be adjusted for low-floor trams
  • 12.2016: First CAF Urbos LRV arrives in Utrecht (no. 6001)
  • 01.2017: Contract-signing: CAF deliveres 22 7-car CAF trams for SUNIJ line
  • mid-2018: Opening of the new ‘Uithof’ line
  • 2020: Connecting new Uithof-line and rebuilt SUNIJ line ready
  • 2020: 7-car and 5-car trams put into service, running in multiple
CAF LRV simulator – 18.01.2017 – Photo: Project-organisatie Uithoflijn

The people that attended the event were also able to take a seat in the CAF simulator, being used for personnel training. Here one can make a virtual run over the ‘Uithoflijn’, which is currently being built, and a tour over the existing SUNIJ line from Utrecht Centraal to Nieuwegein-Zuid / IJsselstein as well. The SUNIJ line will be adjusted in the following years for the use of the low-floor CAF trains. The rolling stock currently in use requires elevated platforms.

Photo: Project-organisatie Uithoflijn

The new line connecting Utrecht Centraal to the university campus (Utrecht Science Park “De Uithof”) will be opened in 2018 and will be connected to the SUNIJ traject. This direct connection will be ready in 2020. Then U OV will operate the CAF LRVs in pairs (5-car + 7-car), a combination that will be around 75 meters long and will offer accommodation to around 400 passengers.

Photo: Project-organisatie Uithoflijn