[DE] Unloaded: First solaris Tramino ‘XL’ arrives in Leipzig

On 21.12.2016, the first Solaris 37-meter Tramino arrived at the German city of Leipzig. In 2015 the Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe signed a contract for the delivery of five LRVs and 36 optional. The operator refers to the new tram as ‘XL’ or ‘NGT10’-generation.

Technical parameters:

  • 4-car unidirectional tram with 5 bogies
  • Length: 37,63 Meter
  • Width: 2,30 Meter
  • Capacity: 75 Seats, 220 total
  • 65% low floor

It is the second longest LRVs in Leipzig, after the ‘XXL’ with 45 meter. The video below shows the unloading of the first XL prototype, completely covered with special ‘anti-spionage’ vinyls. Its fleet number is 1001.

If the Solaris Tramino proves itself, more LRVs will be ordered, a delivery program that could take until 2020. Leipzig has a track gauge that is different from many others cities, namely 1.458 mm.

sources: https://www.l.de

Update 14.02.2017: Presentation of the first Tramino XL in Leipzig during the Messe: