[FI] Helsinki: Twenty extra Artic trams

Finnish company Transtech Oy, subsidiary of Škoda Transportation will deliver extra (ForCity) Artic trams to the city of Helsinki. The local transport authority exercised an option for twenty low-floor trams.

In 2013 the first two vehicles were delivered and subjected to heavy testing. Since 2015 the vehicles bear the logo of Škoda Transportation, which purchased a controlling interest in Transtech. At this moment fourteen units are in service: one-direction three-section trams with a gauge of 1,000 mm.

„The ForCity Artic Helsinki tram is the world’s first mass-produced narrow-gauge 100% low-floor tram with a fully pivoting bogies. The all-wheel drive and robust bogies with axles allow trouble-free operation in the harsh climatic conditions of the capital of Finland,“ says Lasse Orre.

The demanding track conditions were taken into account during the production of the ForCity Artic tram. Efficient heating including thorough insulation and innovative use of brake energy for heating the vehicle were designed for the northern conditions.

Photo: Škoda Transportation