[NL] Generation 15G: Amsterdam selects CAF for its new trams

Spanish CAF has been selected by the city of Amsterdam as the manufacturer of its newest generation of trams. CAF will be delivering 63 new trams to the GVB, the local transport authority, and an option is taken for 60 more.

Photo: GVB

The new vehicles will form the generation ’15G’. They will be bi-directional vehicles with a 100% low-floor design. They will be replacing the oldest vehicles in the fleet of the GVB, including the ‘sneltrams’ deployed on the Amstelveen line. It is expected that the first units will enter service in the second half of 2019. By 2022 all 63 vehicles from the base order should be delivered. CAF and GVB will present a full-size mock-up in the near future.