[IT] Trenitalia orders Jazz trains for the the Trentino region

They have a name that makes you want to move: Jazz. It is the name that rail operator Trenitalia gave to its newest generation of trains for regional and suburban passenger services. Various types have been delivered or are on order to various regions of Italy.

Together they form the ETR 324/425/526 series, the designations for 4-car, 5-car and 6-car sets respectively. Alstom calls this type of train Coradia Meridian and it is exclusively delivered to operators in Italy. This type of train is being built by Alstom factories in Savigliano, Sesto San Giovanni and Bologna.

In March 2016 the manufacturer announced an order for six ‘Jazz’ trains for the Trentino region in the north of the country. They will be 6-car trains (ETR 526) with a maximum speed of 160 km/h. Delivery will commence at the end 2016. They will have a special livery for this region in grey, dark red and yellow, reflecting the mountainous landscape of the Trentino region.

Copyright Alstom
Copyright Alstom


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