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[PL] This is the Newag Impuls for Polregio

Polregio is a relatively new name in Poland. It was introduced in 2015 after the restructuring of Przewozy Regionalne, the former daughter company (until 2008) of the Polish railways responsible […]

[PL] The new Elf 2 trains for the Podkarpackie region [updated]

Pesa is currently delivering seven ELF 2 type EMUs to Podkarpackie. The Polish region is the second customer to order ELF 2 trains after Koleje Śląskie. The picture and the […]

[PL] The chaotic tender procedure of PKP IC; Newag has the best chance to deliver new electric locomotives

The Polish railways want new electric locomotives, 20 to be more precise, to be used for domestic intercity services. But the tender process was a chaos, like PKP IC’s locomotive […]

[PL] Rail Polska 207E; a diesel locomotive that is now electric

You may know it as ‘ST44’, ‘M62’, ‘V200’, ‘Szergej‘, ‘Taigatrommel’ or maybe ‘Gagarin’; Some of the many names given to the six-axle diesel locomotives built by Ługanskij tiepłowozostroitielnyj zawod in […]

[PL] PGE tenders to have more 6D locomotives modernized

PGE Górnictwo i Energetyka Konwencjonalna opened a tender for modernization of four 6D diesel locomotives; SM42-2244, 2263, 2658 and 2659, which are currently used for shunting operations at the site […]

[PL] Take a look inside the new Pesa Elf 2 passenger train

Pesa is currently completing the dynamic testing phase of its new EMU platform, named Elf 2. Time to take a closer look, and get inside this new generation trains for regional […]

[PL] PKP IC issues tender for 20 (+10) new electric locomotives

PKP IC wants twenty new electric locomotives and has issued an EU tender for the procurement. All the new machines should be delivered within 30 months after awarding the contract. […]

[PL] Zachodniopomorskie receives first Impuls trains; golden Impuls with ETCS2

In September 2016, Zachodniopomorskie Voivodeship (a.k.a. West-Pomeria) placed an order with Newag for seventeen Impuls EMUs. On 29.05.2017 the first three trains arrived at Szcze­cin main station for the offical […]

[PL] The first Griffin last mile-locomotive for Lotos Kolej outshopped

This is the E4DCUd-001, the first Griffin locomotive for Lotos Kolej. The oil company has ordered five such 4-axle locomotives, to be leased from Newag, to be delivered this year. […]

[PL] Pesa wins Koleje Wielkopolskie order; third order for ELF 2

Recently, Koleje Wielkopolskie (KW) announced the winner of a tender for the delivery ten 5-carriage EMUs. Of the three submitted bids, Pesa had the best offer, proposing to deliver electric trains of their […]

[PL] IPS Tabor and Pesa present: the first 19D modernization locomotive

Polish rail vehicle institute IPS Tabor has been working on the development of a modernized version of the Polish type SM48 diesel locomotive. The project is jointly performed with PESA […]

[PL] First images: this is Pesa’s ELF 2 (for Koleje Śląskie)

In August 2016, Pesa showed the first visualizations of the upcoming successor of its ELF platform for EMUs, logically named ‘ELF 2’. Koleje Śląskie, the launching customer, ordered 13 units in total in three different configurations, and […]

[PL] Budokrusz receives a Dragon locomotive from Newag

Recently, Janusz Malinowski, president of Łódzka Kolej Aglomeracyjna, published a picture of a “mystery” Dragon locomotive on twitter as it was being assembled by Newag in Nowy Sącz. Why was it […]

[PL] Newag: 2x 15D with bio-based paint for ENEA

In the second half of 2016, Newag delivered two 15D diesel locomotives to ENEA S.A.. Rebuilt from old TEM2 diesels, the designated 15D-031 and 15D-032 were coated with a special paint based […]

[PL] Comeback of ET40-52; Now in service of Lotos Kolej

In 2009, PKP Cargo decided to withdraw their ET40 series locomotives, after 34 years of hauling heavy freight trains. In 2016, private operator Lokomotiv purchased five units, which are currently subjected to overhaul and repair […]

[PL] The next step for Modertrans: Poznań orders Moderus Gamma

They nicely follow the Greek alphabet: Alfa, Beta, Gamma. These are the names of light rail products from Polish manufacturer Modertrans. The Alfa range covers heavy modernizations of trams from […]

[PL] Podkarpackie is the second operator to order Pesa’s ELF 2

Pesa will provide seven EMUs type ELF 2 to Podkarpackie. The Polish region is the second customer to order ELF 2 trains after Koleje Śląskie. In Poland, trains are built fast. Delivery […]

[PL] Dolnośląskie orders Newag Impuls for the fourth time

On the 13th of January, Newag announced having signed a contract with Koleje Dolnośląskie for the delivery of 11 five-car electric units, known as “Impuls”. The contract signing ceremony took place on […]

[PL] The new Pesa ELF 2: +4 for Koleje Śląskie

A short update about Koleje Śląskie from Poland. The passenger operator has decided, even before the first train has been completed, to increase the number of vehicles on order from […]

[PL] PKP Pendolino in Germany for homologation

Recently, a Polish Pendolino train was tranported from PKP IC’s main base in Warsaw-Grochów to Germany. The reason of this unusual transport is the start of homologation tests with PKP IC’s ED250 series. […]

[PL] 17 more Newag EMUs for West Pomerania

For three years now 14 Impuls electric trains are in operation in West Pomerania (Zachodniopomorskie). These 4-car trains were produced by Newag in Nowy Sącz. Now, West Pomerania signed another contract with Newag, […]

[PL] Newag delivers Impuls passenger trains to the Opolskie region [updated]

At the end of October 2015, the Polish Opolskie province signed a contract with Newag for delivery five electric articulated trains with an option for two more. The contract value […]

[PL] Pesa releases new pictures of the ELF 2; Koleje Śląskie is launching customer

Recently, Pesa Bydgoszcz released new visualizations of upcoming successor of the ELF family, logically named ‘ELF 2’. Medio 2017, such new trains will join fleet of Koleje Śląskie and start regular […]

[PL] Freightliner E6ACTd-105: the last locomotive from Gliwice

On July 25, the last Dragon locomotive, produced for Freightliner PL, left the Newag factory in Gliwice (PL). Serving as test run, E6ACTd-105 took a freight train from the cokes plant […]

[PL/DE] An historic relief: Pesa Link trains homologated for Germany

More historic than one would think: Pesa’s 2-car Link trains are now fully homologated for revenue services in Germany. It is the first time a modern Polish manufacturer manages to […]

[PL] Pesa finishes delivery of new Sundeck trains just-in-time

Under severe pressure, Pesa was able to hand-over all new Sundeck double deck trains and Gama locomotives to Koleje Mazowiekie, just before the end of 2015. On December 30, the […]

[PL] E4DCU-DP: Lotos Kolej orders five Griffin locomotives

Just when you start to wonder, what has happened to the Newag Griffin locomotive, there is news. In 2017, Newag will deliver five Griffin locomotives to freight operator Lotos Kolej. […]

[PL] Koleje Mazowieckie orders double deck trains from Pesa

Koleje Mazowieckie, passenger operator in the Warsaw area, has decided to extend its fleet of double deck trains with two sets built by Pesa. These trains will supplement the 11 […]