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Akiem 186 260, 194 and 195 ready for delivery to Akiem on 20.01.2017. Photo: Antoine Leclerq

[EU] Delivery new TRAXX MS locomotives to Akiem

Bombardier has completed the delivery of another batch of five TRAXX F140 MS2e locomotives (186 192-195 + 260) to lease company Akiem. This leasing company now has 19 units in it […]

[IT] Visualized: Bombardier TRAXX DCP for Italy

[IT] Visualized: Bombardier TRAXX DCP for Italy

A new item in our ongoing series ‘vizualized’. This time we present you the Bombardier TRAXX P160DCP locomotives, part of the Eco2000 family of locomotives developed by Adtranz during the […]

A front view of Fenniarail 101. Photo: Fenniarail / Aleksanteri Sumiloff

[FI] Fenniarail set for fleet expansion

On December 23, 2016, Fenniarail reported that it was given an early Christmas gift when cross border transport between Finland and Russia was opened to competition a day earlier. Fenniarail […]