Everything has to start small. And so does this new website. Or as we rather call it, this new ONLINE MAGAZINE.

Railcolornews.com will bring information and background stories about new product development in the European railway industry. We will focus on medium size articles and long-reads.

Our information will come from our extensive international network of reporters, photographers and the industry itself. This will again, like we already do for 15 years on railcolor.net and mainlinediesels.net, result in articles that are different, less formal, more in detail, connecting information from press statements with what is going on in the field.

Our articles will make use of every possible media type that is available. Full screen images, video, interactive visuals, panorama pictures, 360 degrees photography, live video, you name it is possible. We have seen that both the industry and its fans have made big steps in how to promote their products digitally. But a proper stage is missing.

That will be Railcolornews.com. We will bring visually attractive, digital information about modern and, let’s be honest, cool trains. We will do that in a well-structured way, with good categorization, per manufacturer, per operator, per product. All information available, easy to filter, easy to find.

Railcolornews.com will also be open, easy to approach. Contact us when you want to help, you can be a reporter too. Railcolornews.com will be of us all.

Articles about cool trains, made together, looking good!



Railcolornews.com is a project of Railcolor-Ziemon. We are based in Berlin. Direct contact: hello@railcolornews.com