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[LU] Vossloh starts production of DE18 locomotives for CFL Cargo [updatedx2]

This morning, a new Vossloh DE 18 locomotive completed its maiden run. It is painted red and light grey and sports the logos of CFL Cargo. In December 2015, the […]

[DE] The DE 501: The first DE 18 for RheinCargo

Like already mentioned in the weekly locomotive news, RheinCargo is continuously modernizing its fleet. The German freight operator now has acquired its fist Vossloh DE 18 diesel-electric midcab locomotive; this […]

[DE] Vossloh outshops G6 locomotives for ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe

A colorful parade took place over the weekend: On 02.07.2017, four G6 locomotives built by Vossloh were transported from Kiel (factory) to Moers, where some customer specific adjustments will be […]

[DE] Vossloh Locomotives completes G6 locomotive for BayernOil

On 13.12.2016, Berthold Hertzfeldt saw a new G6 shunting locomotive, sporting the logo of BayernOil. He made the picture on Vossloh’s test track at Altenholz-Klausdorf, near Kiel. The machine could […]

[DE] The era of Vossloh’s G1206 has ended: Last locomotive delivered

A special transport of Akiem > Captrain 187 011 on 28.10.2016: six Vossloh locomotives. Four green/grey G6 shunters and two yellow G1206 type machines, the very last ones of this […]

[EU] Lease company Akiem orders 44 Vossloh DE18 locomotives

Official Press statement of Vossloh Vossloh Locomotives in Kiel, subsidiary of Vossloh AG, signed a contract for the delivery of 44 DE18 diesel-electric locomotives with French company Akiem S.A.S. Akiem […]

[LU] CFL Cargo replaces G1206 rental locos with new DE18s

On December 18, CFL Cargo and Vossloh signed a deal for leasing eleven new DE18 diesel locomotives. The contract period will be variable, five to eight years. The first units […]