[CZ] ČD 380 series locomotives now certified for fast passenger train operation in Germany reports: The Czech Railways (ČD) have obtained all necessary licenses for the operation of the 380 series locomotives in Germany for speeds up to 200 km/h. The ČD had to […]

[CZ] Investor Daniel Kretinsky closing in on Skoda Transportation

Reuters reports: Investor Daniel Kretinsky, the majority owner of central European energy group EPH, is near a deal to buy Czech bus and rail car manufacturer Skoda Transportation, a source […]

[BG] Škoda to deliver ForCity trams to the city of Sofia

Škoda Transportation has won a tender for new trams with its ForCity LRV platform. Its bid was better than that of Polish rival company Pesa, which has delivered several dozens […]

[DE] There were it belongs: new DB Škoda trains arrive at the NIM

The new NIM Express rolling stock has arrived, there where it should be: on the (high speed) line Nürnberg – Ingolstadt – München (NIM). This means testing of the new […]

[FI] The design of the ‘Raide-Jokeri’ tram revealed

Škoda Transportation is developing ForCity Artic trams for use on the “Raide-Jokeri“ line, connecting Helsinki with the city of Espoo. The first prototype should be ready in 2018 or 2019. Now […]

[DK] DSB: Three manufacturers pre-selected for locomotive order

During our last visit to Copenhagen, we were stunned. While waiting for our train in an underground station, a heavy ME series diesel locomotive entered the station, pulling a double […]

[FI] Helsinki: Twenty extra Artic trams

Finnish company Transtech Oy, subsidiary of Škoda Transportation will deliver extra (ForCity) Artic trams to the city of Helsinki. The local transport authority exercised an option for twenty low-floor trams. […]

[FI] More Artic trams for the line Helsinki – Espoo

Currently, Škoda Transportation is delivering forty Artic trams to the Finnish city of Helsinki. These were ordered several years ago from Finnish manufacturer Transtech Oy, which is now property of […]

[FI] Skoda’s Transtech Oy sells LRVs to Tampere, the third city of Finland

On 04.10.2016 the news was published that Transtech Oy, a subsidiary of Skoda Transportation, was selected as the supplier of the lightrail vehicles (LRVs) for the newly built tram line […]

[DE] To the climate room! Skoda’s NIM-express driving trailer out and about

The plan was to present them at the InnoTrans 2016 fair in Berlin, but it did not happen. In very the last minute, Skoda decided to withdraw its NIM-express coaches […]

[CZ] Skoda presents ‘Baureihe 102’ for DB Regio

On 27.06.2015, Skoda Transportation presented the new DB class 102 locomotive at the VUZ Velim test centre. The psychedelic stickers, that until recently covered the cabs of the red locomotives, were gone. […]

[CZ] Czech railways want ‘RegioPanter’ trains for long-distance services

The Czech Railways (ČD) want 14 new 7Ev class articulated trains from Škoda Transportation. ČD already has similar trains in service under the brand name RegioPanter, used for regional transport. […]