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[CZ] 3rd time: Czech railways again issues tender for multisystem electrics

In April 2016, České dráhy (ČD) issued a tender for leasing multi-system electrics, without success. On December 17, a second attempt was made, again for 10 electrics, again without result. […]

[NL] ERS Railways stops Melzo and Poznan container shuttles [updated]

We are closely monitoring the status of electric locomotives operated by ERS Railways from Rotterdam. Mother company Genessee & Wyoming has decided to discontinue most ERS routes and to drastically shrink […]

[IT] Italian state railways want to order up to 125 new electric locomotives

Ferrovie.it reports: Today, FS Italiane has presented its plans for Mercitalia, the new umbrella brand for the group freight and logistics operations. FS Italiane wants its unprofitable freight division (70 […]