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[CZ] ELL will hire Vectron locomotives to ČD for EC trains Prague – Berlin – Hamburg

zpravy.e15.cz reports: The quest of the Czech railways (ČD) for multi system electric locomotives to pull its Prague – Berlin – Hamburg EuroCity trains has come to a conclusion. In […]

[BE] The first Lineas locomotives are ready to go! [updated]

On 03.05.2017, railfreight operator Lineas, formerly known as B Logistics, presented its first locomotive sporting its new Lineas logos and colors. After a festive roll-out at Antwerp, Railpool > Lineas 186 293 […]

[CZ/AT] Next december: RegioJet starts new intercity services to Brno and Vienna

In December 2017, RegioJet plans to introduce new long-distance intercity trains connecting Prague, Brno with Vienna. The open-access operator wants to make Austria its third home-market, next the Czech Republic […]

[BE] Freight force that has a new name: B Logistics rebranded Lineas

It was 2009, railfreight operator B Logistics was facing bankruptcy. That year the company booked a 115 million operational loss… New people took over under the supervision of Geert Pauwels, ready for […]

[AT] Second attempt: ÖBB tenders for used diesel locomotives [updated]

Update: In February ÖBB issued 19 separate tenders for the acquisition of used Siemens EuroRunner locomotives, but without success. The tender was divided into 19 separate trenches, enabling ÖBB to source the locomotives […]

[EU] Up to 45 new locomotives for TX Logistik; more details

Earlier this week we released the news that the Italian railways have ambitious plans for their rebranded freight and logistics department, Mercitalia. TX Logistik, being part of the Mercitalia group, […]