Railcolor Design stories

[CH] Railcolor Design presents the new Vectron design for SBB Cargo International

This is it, this is the new livery for the SBB Cargo International Vectron locomotive. It is a huge honor for us that we were given the chance to create […]

[EU] Series 187.5 in service: Akiem hands over three locomotives to HSL Logistik [updated]

Over the summer Akiem signed a contract with German rail freight operator HSL Logistik for the lease of six TRAXX locomotives – three TRAXX AC3 (187) machines for Germany and […]

[DE] AusgeRastatt! SBB Cargo International to make a statement with its first freight train to pass Rastatt [Update x2]

AusgeRastatt! / Rastattless! This night, just after midnight the first freight train will pass through Rastatt, marking the end of the European Freight Corridor no.1 closure. It will be a freight […]

[BE] The first Lineas locomotives are ready to go! [updated]

On 03.05.2017, railfreight operator Lineas, formerly known as B Logistics, presented its first locomotive sporting its new Lineas logos and colors. After a festive roll-out at Antwerp, Railpool > Lineas 186 293 […]