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[CZ/SK] In the picture: Skoda Karoq Expres

From 05.10.2017 to 14.10.2017, car manufacturer Škoda orginized a special train connecting Prague and Bratislava. Once a day, the 3-car “Škoda Expres” took employees to Bratislava for the introduction of the […]

[AT] ÖBB; Tender for long-distance trains suspended, and resumed

An interesting tender to watch right now is the Austrian railways’ (ÖBB) search for new loco-hauled day AND night trains. Orders for loco-hauled rolling stock are scarce. New rolling stock […]

[Design] Unleash the livery! Iconic transport livery posters by Sam Jessup

Check this out! This is Liveries Unleashed, the latest project of designer Sam Jessup. This project ‘celebrates great transport brands from across the globe – with a distinctly retro theme’. Sam’s new […]

[CZ] CD 680 005: The first Pendolino with a modernised interior

After three months of work, České dráhy and its subsidiary DPOv (ČD Dílny Pro Opravy Vozidel) have released the first Pendolino EMU with a new interior. Unit 680 005 now […]

[DE] First 422 series in VRR design; inside and outside

It is something to get used to: Verkehrsverbundes Rhein-Ruhr (VRR) that it is going to buy 48 EMUs from Deutsche Bahn. A remarkable development because a governmental body buying existing […]

[BE] Dutch colorbomb; Railfeeding takes refurbished Railtraxx locomotives to Belgium

In April 2017, Shunter at Rotterdam outshopped the first ex-NS 6400 series locomotive, painted in a new bright green livery. The designated 6484 was the first of four diesel midcab […]

[EU] New livery: Lokomotion 193 773 “150 years Brennereisenbahn”

Blue zebras, red ones, ivory coloured paint. Lokomotion Vectron locomotives were delivered with several different designs. But one machine stood out because it looked, well, naked, unfinished. Unit 193 773 did not […]

[EU] Updatedx3: Alpha Trains and TX Logistik bring another four theme locomotives

Yes they did it again. Lease company Alpha Trains and operator TX Logistik have released three new ‘theme locomotives’, meaning two Vectron machines with a special wrapping. 193 556 now […]

[UK] #Donnystar and #Brumstar: Two Eurostar powercars for education

With the support of Alstom and Eurostar, two Eurostar power cars are donated to the National College for High Speed Rail (NCHSR). The college has two campuses, one in Doncaster […]

[HU] This is MÁV locomotive no. 480 003 “Szent István”

Today, the Hungarian railways presented another 480 series locomotive honoring an historical figure. With a festive ceremony MAV 480 003 was inaugurated with a red and ivory colored wrapping about […]

[CH] 10 years Lötschberg base tunnel: A new livery for BLS 465 001

This is the new livery of BLS 465 001. It commemorates the 10th anniversary of the Lötschberg base tunnel (LBT) with the slogan “Mehr DurchZug / Plus d’enTrain”. The locomotive […]

[DE] Comeback of the classic Rheingold livery

In late April, a locomotive livery phantasy became reality. On 27.04.2017 the German model train dealer association ‘Wilde13+’ presented a DB 101 series locomotive in a classic ‘Rheingold’ livery. Locomotive 101 112 now […]

[EU] Going “Off-Road” with TX Logistik 193 555

On 26.04.2017, lease company Alpha Trains and railfreight operator TX Logistik took delivery of the last Vectron locomotive of a serie of six, that were ordered in 2016. The machine […]

[CZ] Design: this is the new interior for the Czech Pendolino

The Czech railways (ČD) have announced a redesign for the flagship trains: the 680 series ‘Pendolino’. This year, all seven trains will get a complete new interior. The trains have […]

[CH] Video: wrapping SBB 460 065 “Coop Pro Montagna”

Pro Montagna, a brand name of Coop fro Switzerland, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Pro Montagna stands for authentic products from the Swiss mountains. Coop is sending out SBB locomotive Re 460 065 […]

[PT] Alfa Pendular turns silver: mid-life revision for Portuguese tilting trains

Its official name is ‘Alfa Pendular’ and it has a bright red-white-blue livery, but not for long anymore. Last year, the Portuguese railways (CP) announced the modernization if its flagship-train fleet and […]

[DE] RheinCargo presents: 185 589 -500 Jahre Reformation-

New in the fleet of German railfreight operator RheinCargo: 185 589 ‘500 Jahre Reformation’, celebrating the ‘Martin Luther-year 2017’. About Martin Luther, in German: ‘Die Veröffentlichung der 95 Thesen von […]

[IT] Visualized: Bombardier TRAXX DCP for Italy

A new item in our ongoing series ‘vizualized’. This time we present you the Bombardier TRAXX P160DCP locomotives, part of the Eco2000 family of locomotives developed by Adtranz during the […]

[NL] The first generation VIRM trains get a redesign

The Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Dutch railways or NS) gives most of its rolling stock gets a complete make-over, half way its life-cycle. The mid-life revision. Trains are completely stripped and get […]

[EU] On fire / Horsepower! New promo liveries for TX Logistik

The weekend of August 12 was a colorful one, especially in a small shed in Kufstein, Austria. There people were working hard on wrapping two locomotives. MRCE ES 64 U2-072 got […]