[PL] The new Elf 2 trains for the Podkarpackie region [updated]

Pesa is currently delivering seven ELF 2 type EMUs to Podkarpackie. The Polish region is the second customer to order ELF 2 trains after Koleje Śląskie. The picture and the […]

[PL] Take a look inside the new Pesa Elf 2 passenger train

Pesa is currently completing the dynamic testing phase of its new EMU platform, named Elf 2. Time to take a closer look, and get inside this new generation trains for regional […]

[DE] In the picture: recent RailAdventure transports

You may know them, or maybe you have made pictures of them; the RailAdventure transport trains. They are popular amongst many railway fans, because when you see a classic, two-tone […]

[PL] Pesa wins Koleje Wielkopolskie order; third order for ELF 2

Recently, Koleje Wielkopolskie (KW) announced the winner of a tender for the delivery ten 5-carriage EMUs. Of the three submitted bids, Pesa had the best offer, proposing to deliver electric trains of their […]

[PL] IPS Tabor and Pesa present: the first 19D modernization locomotive

Polish rail vehicle institute IPS Tabor has been working on the development of a modernized version of the Polish type SM48 diesel locomotive. The project is jointly performed with PESA […]

[PL] First images: this is Pesa’s ELF 2 (for Koleje Śląskie)

In August 2016, Pesa showed the first visualizations of the upcoming successor of its ELF platform for EMUs, logically named ‘ELF 2’. Koleje Śląskie, the launching customer, ordered 13 units in total in three different configurations, and […]

[PL] Podkarpackie is the second operator to order Pesa’s ELF 2

Pesa will provide seven EMUs type ELF 2 to Podkarpackie. The Polish region is the second customer to order ELF 2 trains after Koleje Śląskie. In Poland, trains are built fast. Delivery […]

[PL] The new Pesa ELF 2: +4 for Koleje Śląskie

A short update about Koleje Śląskie from Poland. The passenger operator has decided, even before the first train has been completed, to increase the number of vehicles on order from […]

[PL] Pesa receives funding to develop a dual mode locomotive

On 06.10.2016, Pesa and PKP IC signed a memorandum of understanding for developing a dual mode locomotive (diesel and electric). The project is supported by the NCBiR (National Research and […]

[PL] Pesa releases new pictures of the ELF 2; Koleje Śląskie is launching customer

Recently, Pesa Bydgoszcz released new visualizations of upcoming successor of the ELF family, logically named ‘ELF 2’. Medio 2017, such new trains will join fleet of Koleje Śląskie and start regular […]

[PL/DE] An historic relief: Pesa Link trains homologated for Germany

More historic than one would think: Pesa’s 2-car Link trains are now fully homologated for revenue services in Germany. It is the first time a modern Polish manufacturer manages to […]

[PL] Pesa finishes delivery of new Sundeck trains just-in-time

Under severe pressure, Pesa was able to hand-over all new Sundeck double deck trains and Gama locomotives to Koleje Mazowiekie, just before the end of 2015. On December 30, the […]

[PL] PHU lokomotiv acquires Gama demo locomotive; and orders two more

On July 9, PHU Lokomotiv, a Polish investor in rolling stock, announced that it had acquired the Pesa Gama Marathon demonstrator locomotive. The gray-liveried locomotive was first presented during InnoTrans […]

[PL] Koleje Mazowieckie orders double deck trains from Pesa

Koleje Mazowieckie, passenger operator in the Warsaw area, has decided to extend its fleet of double deck trains with two sets built by Pesa. These trains will supplement the 11 […]