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[IT] Trenitalia: infamous V250 trains return to service on Lecce – Rome – Bari

La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno reports: Starting next June, Trenitalia wants to introduce the sidelined V250 trainsets between Lecce, Rome and Bari. Reportedly, Trenitalia has to take-over the V250s from Hitachi […]

[IT] Hitachi Rail in Italy receives bodyshells to start work on AT300’s for GWR

15th February 2017: New Hitachi trains for GWR’s Devon and Cornwall route a step closer to entering service, as the assembly work on the new AT300 intercity trains has begun in Pistoia, […]

[IT] +15: More Leonardo metros for Milan line 1 and 2

Hitachi Rail Italy today announced that it has been awarded a contract, signed February 8th, worth 106 million EUR from Azienda Trasporti Milanesi (ATM) to manufacture an additional 15 “Leonardo” […]

[IT] Caravaggio by Hitachi Rail Italy, the new star for regional transport

When Italian design and Japanese quality come together. This is the new ‘Caravaggio’. A new double deck passenger train for regional transport, developed by Hitachi Rail Italy, formerly known as […]