Hitachi Rail AT200

[UK] Abellio in the UK: A £3 billion new trains overview – Part 1 Scotrail

“(..) which means we are now overseeing ₤3 billion of investment into 1.700 new carriages across all our franchises.” It was this quote from Dominic Booth, Managing Director of Abellio […]

[UK] The first complete bodyshell of a class 385 for the Scotrail franchise

These are the first images of a Hitachi Rail AT200 / class 385 commuter train for Scotrail franchise currently being held by Abellio UK. 46 3-car and 24 4-car EMUs […]

[UK] Abellio presents the new AT200 trains for its ScotRail franchise

Abellio Rail and Transport Minister presented the draft of the seventy new trains that will be used for the ScotRail franchise. They will be built by Hitachi and based on […]

[UK] In the picture: Hitachi AT100 and AT200 mock-ups

On July 21, Hitachi Rail presented two full-size mock-ups in London: The AT100 (metro / (sub)urban services) and AT200 for regional transport with speeds of 140-200 km/h. These types complement the […]