[NL] First CAF Sprinter train for the Dutch railways leaving the factory

The first ‘Sprinter Nieuwe Generatie’ (SNG) commuter trains for the Dutch railways are ready to leave the CAF factory in Spain. One train will now be transported to the VUZ Velim […]

[DE] The Schönbuchbahn: German region and CAF to develop new lightweight trains

It is a risk, Zweckverband Schönbuchbahn is willing to take: order a type of train that does not exist yet. Many manufacturers, CAF included, offer proven, highly standardized types of rolling […]

[UK] The new Caledonian Sleeper: a preview of its interior design

In 2014 Transport Scotland choose Serco to run its Caledonian Sleeper services. These train services connect Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness and Fort William with London. In April 2015 Serco, known from operating the […]