Akiem 186 260, 194 and 195 ready for delivery to Akiem on 20.01.2017. Photo: Antoine Leclerq

[EU] Delivery new TRAXX MS locomotives to Akiem

Bombardier has completed the delivery of another batch of five TRAXX F140 MS2e locomotives (186 192-195 + 260) to lease company Akiem. This leasing company now has 19 units in it […]

[IT] Visualized: Bombardier TRAXX DCP for Italy

[IT] Visualized: Bombardier TRAXX DCP for Italy

A new item in our ongoing series ‘vizualized’. This time we present you the Bombardier TRAXX P160DCP locomotives, part of the Eco2000 family of locomotives developed by Adtranz during the […]

Photoshop impression by Railcolor - no official image

[DE] HSL Logistik orders TRAXX AC3 locomotives

We created our own artist impression, to illustrate the latest TRAXX-order for Bombardier. German freight operator HSL Logistik will receive four TRAXX AC3 locomotives in 2017-2018.  These will be homologated […]

Photo: Bombardier

[DE] VLEXX to acquire Talent3 for Saar RB network

The contracts for the Saar RB network have been awarded. Part 2 (2,3 million trainkm) will go to VLEXX GmbH (part of Netinara, Italian state railways) starting in December 2019. Vlexx […]