[PL] PKP Pendolino in Germany for homologation

Recently, a Polish Pendolino train was tranported from PKP IC’s main base in Warsaw-Grochów to Germany. The reason of this unusual transport is the start of homologation tests with PKP IC’s ED250 series. […]

[FR] X’Trapolis Cityduplex: the new Paris RER trains from Bombardier and Alstom

At its board meeting, SNCF selected the Alstom-Bombardier consortium to renew the trains on lines D and E of the Île-de-France network.This contract for 255 trains (130 for the RER […]

[AL] Cital delivers the first Citadis tram to Ouargla in Algeria

The Cital joint venture held by Ferrovial, Enterprise Métro d’Alger (EMA) and Alstom, delivered the first Citadis tram to the city of Ouargla in the presence of Saad Agoudjil, Wali […]

[FR] This is the final design: Alstom’s Coradia Liner v160 for SNCF

Test runs have started. The first pictures have emerged: this is the Alstom Coradia Liner v160 for SNCF. We already brought you an extensive report about the ‘how’ and the […]

[DE] Bentheimer Eisenbahn purchases five Lint trains for Bad Bentheim – Neuenhaus

In March 2016, the Bentheimer Eisenbahn (BE) was selected as the future operator of passenger services on the line Bentheim – Nordhorn – Neuenhaus (DE). The line needs to be reactivated […]

[FR] l’Océane: the newest batch of TGV EuroDuplex high speed trains of SNCF

As of 11.12.2016, the French railways (SNCF) operate the new TGV Euroduplex 2N2 “l’Océane” from Paris-Montparnasse to Bordeaux and Toulouse. Let’s take a tour inside: Two TGVs with a special […]

[IT] Only one year after contract signing: the first Pendolino for ntv

Today, Alstom revealed the first Pendolino vehicle for Italian high speed open access operator ntv. These high speed trains are being designed and manufactured by Alstom in Savigliano (IT). We see the first […]

[SN] Alstom to supply 15 dual mode Coradia Polyvalent trains to Senegal

Alstom has been awarded a contract for the supply of 15 regional trains by APIX (the Agency in charge of promoting investment and major civic building works), acting on behalf of […]

[CA] Alstom’s Citadis Spirit begins train dynamic testing in Ottawa

Alstom’s Citadis Spirit, a 100% low-floor light rail vehicle designed for North America, began dynamic testing on the O-Train Confederation Line in Ottawa, Ontario. The train’s first tests were witnessed […]

[DE] Official presentation: The H3 hybrid shunting locomotives of DB Regio Franken

As of now, DB Regio Franken relies on climate-friendly hybrid locomotives, when maneuvering passenger trains at the railway stations of Nürnberg and Würzburg. Since the beginning of November, five Alstom […]

[DE] BaWü selects DB Regio for Netz 9a: Coradia Continental ordered

DB Regio has been selected to provide passenger services on the lines… Freiburg – Gottenheim – Endingen / Breisach Freiburg – Titisee – Neustadt – Donaueschingen – Villingen Freiburg – […]

[RO] Alstom: Hybrid Coradia Polyvalent arrives in Romania

On October 11, Alstom presented a Coradia Polyvalent trainset at Bucharest (RO) station, during the “Pro Railway Investment Summit” event. It concerns a 4-car dual mode train (diesel + electric […]

[DE] VAG Group receives second hybrid H3 locomotive for its Audi factory in Ingolstadt

The Alstom factory in Stendal is providing two three-axle shunting H3 to the V.A.G. (Volkswagen) Group, to be operated in and around the Audi plants in Ingolstadt (DE). The locomotives have […]

[IT] Video: Alstom showcases its Coradia configurator for Trenitalias future regional trains

#Innotrans2016 Tecnologici, comodi, 95% riciclabili e personalizzabili i nuovi 150 treni Coradia Meridian #Trenitalia @fsnews_it — Alstom Italia (@AlstomItalia) September 22, 2016 Many colours, many different interior concepts. Alstom […]

[IT] Trains on a boat: first Trenitalia Jazz trains arrive at the island of Sicily

The ‘Jazz’ has arrived in Sicily. On 03.09.2016, the first two new Trenitalia Jazz trains arrived on the Italian island, after crossing the Strait of Messina by boat. Italian state operator Trenitalia has six […]

[FR] SNCF and Alstom: we are going to create the next generation TGV together

SNCF and Alstom are combining their expertise with the launch of the first innovation partnership to create the next generation of the TGV, which will offer a unique, high-quality traveling […]

[IT] ntv will get 12 Alstom Pendolinos, but of a complete new design

Yes you are looking at a Pendolino train, Alstom’s proven platform for medium high speed trains. But no, it does not look similar to the recently Pendolino’s for operators such […]

[DE] A piece of art: This is the first H3 shunting locomotive for Infraleuna

What is a colorful surprise! This is hybrid shunting locomotive no. 301 for the German company Infraleuna, a producer of chemicals from Leuna in Germany. It is locomotive no.12 from […]

[US] Avelia Liberty: It is Alstom that will build the new generation of fast trains for Amtrak

Alstom and Amtrak announced today that they have signed a contract for Alstom to design and build 28 new high-speed trains, which will run on the Northeast Corridor (NEC) between […]

[DE] Zero-emission passenger trains in Germany; the plans and projects

During InnoTrans 2016, Alstom will reveal its Coradia Lint train with fuel-cell propulsion system. Before we can inspect this train design we thought it would be good to review all […]

[IT] Alstom develops new Coradia trains for mega contract with Trenitalia

Trenitalia is investing big time. It wants to spend 5 billion euro in the next years on new regional trains. The Italian passenger operator is negotiating with Hitachi, Alstom and Stadler […]

[FR] Coradia Liner: Savior of a neglected IC network?

On 12.07.2013 a train crashed at Brétigny-sur-Orge, in the southern suburbs of Paris. An Intercités service with 385 passengers derailed and hit the station’s platform. Seven people were killed, almost 200 were injured. Although the accident […]

[DE] Hello Hamburg: Metrans receives first H3 hybrid shunting locomotive

Alstom is supplying two Prima H3 hybrid shunting locomotives to Metrans Rail Germany. On February 11, the order was announced officially. There is an option for three additional locomotives. Alstom […]

[DE] The new trains of Elektro-Netz Mittelsachsen II

Since the 12th of June, MitteldeutscheRegioBahn (MRB, part of Transdev) has taken over the services of the RE3 (Dresden – Hof) RB30 (Dresden – Zwickau) and RB45 (Chemnitz – Riesa […]

[NL] Court rejects Siemens’ appeal; Dutch railways order Coradia from Alstom

This is the first visual of the future ICNG for the Dutch railways. ICNG means InterCity Nieuwe Generatie and these trains are going to replace the Koploper and loco hauled […]

[FR] Rubber tyred metro: Alstom presents the MP14 for Paris

30.05.2016, Saint-Ouen: Representatives of Alstom, Ile-de-France, STIF, RATP and SGP commonly unveiled the new design of Paris’ rubber-tyred metro trains for (initially) line 14. Alstom showed the design and internal layout of the future MP14 […]

[AL] The Cital-project: building the Coradia Polyvalent in Algeria?

Alstom has signed a contract with EMA (Entreprise Métro d’Alger), Ferrovial and the Algerian Railways (SNTF), making it possible to build Coradia Polyvalent trainsets locally. The contract is part of […]

[BE] M7: the new generation of double deck trains for the Belgian railways

On 18.12.2015, the Belgian Railways (NMBS/SNCB) signed a framework agreement with a Bombardier and Alstom consortium for the delivery of up to 1,362 double deck coach of the designated type […]

[IT] The .Italo Pendolino: the second type of Alstom trains for ntv

The Italian private company ntv is about to expand its fleet of high-speed trains. At present ntv operates 25 Alstom AGV trains, as of December 2017 eight new Alstom ‘Pendolino’ […]

[IN] Alstom and the Indian railways: contract signed for 800 Prima locomotives

Alstom today (red: 30.11.2015) signed two major contracts in India for a total amount of more than €3.7 billion (Around €3.5 billion for the locomotives and maintenance, to be booked […]

[DE] The VLEXX livery for a new generation of Lint trains

What do you think of this livery? The blue and white trains are being built for Netinera Deutschland > Regentalbahn > Vlexx Gmbh (Vlexx is short for Vier-Länder-Express). This operator […]