Alstom Coradia Lint

[DE] Odenwaldbahn; so many customers, more trains delivered

As of december, VIAS Rail will deploy four new Alstom Coradia Lint DMUs on the Odenwaldbahn and Pfungstadtbahn. The designated VT 201-204 were ordered in 2016. The number of people […]

[DE] Hohenzollerische Landesbahn orders Lint trains for “Ulmer Stern” network

The yellow and white family of trains in Southern Germany yet again welcomes a new family member: Alstom’s Coradia Lint. Verkehrsministerium Baden-Württemberg and Bayerische Eisenbahngesellschaft (BEG) announced that passenger operator […]

[DE] Bentheimer Eisenbahn purchases five Lint trains for Bad Bentheim – Neuenhaus

In March 2016, the Bentheimer Eisenbahn (BE) was selected as the future operator of passenger services on the line Bentheim – Nordhorn – Neuenhaus (DE). The line needs to be reactivated […]

[DE] Zero-emission passenger trains in Germany; the plans and projects

During InnoTrans 2016, Alstom will reveal its Coradia Lint train with fuel-cell propulsion system. Before we can inspect this train design we thought it would be good to review all […]

[DE] The VLEXX livery for a new generation of Lint trains

What do you think of this livery? The blue and white trains are being built for Netinera Deutschland > Regentalbahn > Vlexx Gmbh (Vlexx is short for Vier-Länder-Express). This operator […]