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[DE] These are the 25 selected names for ICE 4 trains [Updated with Anne Frank controversy]

A special jury has selected 25 names of famous persons, historic German figures, to be used for Deutsche Bahn’s new ICE 4 trains. Over 19.000 proposals were submitted by customers. […]

[DE] Abellio and Bombardier present the first Talent2 EMU for the Neckartal contract

On 26.10.2017, Bombardier and Abellio celebrated the roll-out of the first Talent EMU for Baden-Württemberg, for the Neckartal (Netz 1) concession to be more precise. The first units will enter […]

[CZ] Now for real: Unipetrol receives first Vectron and Bison locomotive

Unipetrol, the Czech Republic’s largest refining and petrochemical group, continues its planned investments. Its subsidiary Unipetrol Doprava, which is engaged in rail transport and transport of chemical products, has expanded […]

[CZ] Driver training not completed: Non-stop Prague – Berlin – Hamburg EC trains start later

This is the situation: The Czech railways (ČD) operate the Prague – Berlin – Hamburg Eurocity (EC) trains. At this moment, these trains have a 15 minute stop at Dresden, to […]

[NL] Now in final design: Keolis Nederland officially presents its FLIRT EMU

Since 08.10.2017, all activities of the Keolis Group in the Netherlands have been rebranded and brought together under the new umbrella brand Keolis Nederland. Next December, Keolis Nederland will take-over […]

[DE] Arriva FLIRT in München en Wegberg-Wildenrath

 Last week we witnessed test runs with 3-acr FLIRT EMUs for passenger operator Arriva from the Netherlands. The units are built for border-crossing services from Belgium via the Netherlands to […]

[FR] IDF Mobilités; restyling the Regio 2N trains for Paris [updatedx2]

The pink is gone, at least on the outside, and blue took its place. STIF (Syndicat des Transports en Ile-de-France) is no more, the public transport company from Paris has […]

[CZ] 383 050 it is; This is the first Vectron locomotive for Unipetrol [updatedx2]

That is of course very useful; when you can use a new, yet certified locomotive for your rolling stock transport. Today, the white 383 050-2, soon to be delivered to Unipetrol […]

[EU] The Dispolok livery is getting rare – which locomotives are still (sort of) yellow and silver?

It is done. There is currently no Siemens ES 64 U2 locomotive anymore, that still has the silver and yellow ‘Siemens Dispolok’ livery. Still some units have it under their […]

[BG] Škoda to deliver ForCity trams to the city of Sofia

Škoda Transportation has won a tender for new trams with its ForCity LRV platform. Its bid was better than that of Polish rival company Pesa, which has delivered several dozens […]

[DE] Odenwaldbahn; so many customers, more trains delivered

As of december, VIAS Rail will deploy four new Alstom Coradia Lint DMUs on the Odenwaldbahn and Pfungstadtbahn. The designated VT 201-204 were ordered in 2016. The number of people […]

[CZ/SK] In the picture: Skoda Karoq Expres

From 05.10.2017 to 14.10.2017, car manufacturer Škoda orginized a special train connecting Prague and Bratislava. Once a day, the 3-car “Škoda Expres” took employees to Bratislava for the introduction of the […]

[DE] 187 319 will be the third TRAXX AC3 locomotive for Raildox

In April 2017, Bombardier delivered the first TRAXX AC3 locomotive with Last Mile module to German rail freight operator Raildox. The designated 187 317 now proves to be the first […]

[DK] DSB IC2; is a second life in Romania possible?

This item shows three IC2 DMUs on their way to Romania. Astra Trans Carpatic is mentioned as possible new owner. You see units 5714, 5718 and 5721 in a RailAdventure train pulled by classic […]

[AT] Video: The first Flexity lightrail vehicle for Vienna, sort of ready

The production of new Flexity LRVs for Vienna is gaining momentum. On 11.10.2017, Bombardier and operator Wienerlinien presented the first, almost finished vehicle. At the end of 2018, the new […]

[IT] InRail orders three Vectron locomotives; DC, MS and DC with diesel engine

Updated on 12.10.2017: comes with an update on the InRail Vectron order we mentioned in July. Back then we stated InRail would receive DC electrics only, that has proven to be […]

[EU] Akiem: New livery, new multi-system locomotives

Akiem is expanding. Currently, Bombardier in Kassel is completing TRAXX MS2e and AC3 locomotives for the lease company from France. Today we can show you the designated 186 352-1, a […]

[US] Stadler and the Fort Worth Transportation Authority unveil the first U.S. FLIRT train

Stadler and the Texas-based Fort Worth Transportation Authority (FWTA) introduce the first FLIRT for the TEXRail commuter rail line at APTA Expo 2017, the showcase for public transportation in the […]

[AZ] Prima M4: Alstom presents the first passenger locomotive for Azerbaijan

Alstom presented its first Prima M4 passenger locomotive for Azerbaijan Railways (ADY) on 10.10.2017 in Belfort, France. Ten Prima M4 (AZ4A) passenger locomotives are being manufactured on this site as […]

[DE] “Ich drück dich”: Talgo Deutschland presents its new H3 locomotive

For some months now, Talgo Deutschland is operating a new H3 hybrid locomotive built by Alstom. Until last week, the machine had a simple, plain blue livery. This has changed. […]

[US] Alstom redevelops exterior and livery design: The new Amtrak Acela high speed trains will look like this

On 06.10.2017, Amtrak revealed the exterior paint scheme for the 28 next-generation high-speed trainsets that will replace the equipment currently used to provide Amtrak’s premium Acela Express service. Amtrak announced in […]

[IT] Video: NTV and Alstom officially present the first “.Italo EVO”

Only ten months after the presentation of the first wagon in Savigliano, manufacturer Alstom an open-access operator ntv jointly inaugurated the first of twelve ‘Pendolino Evo’ high speed EMUs. The […]

[RO] Trans Montana news: LTE locomotives near completion; Green Cargo is visiting

Softronic in Romania is currently building Trans Montana locomotives for two customers. Freight operator LTE will soon receive two new blue machines, no. 029 and 030 from the production line. […]

[HU] The biggest GySEV fan? Dioramas by Søren Brown Anegaard Villumsen

He is nicknamed ‘that crazy guy from Denmark’; Søren Brown Anegaard Villumsen is one of the biggest fans of Austria-Hungarian railway company ‘GySEV’. Ever since he visited the company in […]

[AT] ÖBB; Tender for long-distance trains suspended, and resumed

An interesting tender to watch right now is the Austrian railways’ (ÖBB) search for new loco-hauled day AND night trains. Orders for loco-hauled rolling stock are scarce. New rolling stock […]

[DE] RailAdventure supertrain; SNTF Polyvalent BMU on transport

It was an impressive transport: this RailAdventure train pulled by SRT locomotive 487 001. On 30.09.2017 the transport included a Alstom Coradia Polyvalent for the railways of Algeria (SNTF), a […]

[SK] Vectron locomotives for S Rail Lease? We have more details

In the Railcolor Weekly from 03.10.2017 (no. 39/17) we already mentioned the maiden run of a white ‘383 101-3’ with vehicle keeper marking SK-RAILL. Looking this up in the ERA […]

[DE] All together now: 16 new Talent2 trains for Gäu-Murr network have arrived in Stuttgart

The Talent2 EMUs for ‘Netz 3b’ (also known as ‘Netz Gäu-Murr’) have arrived in the south of Germany. As of December they will be used between Crailsheim, Stuttgart and Konstanz/Freudenstadt. In September […]

[AT] Video: ÖBB and Bombardier celebrate the start of the Talent3 assembly

Take a look at this video, recorded on 29.09.2017 at Hennigsdorf, Germany, where Bombardier assembles its Talent2/3 EMUs. The video showcases the first empty body shell of a Talent3 EMU […]

[IT] After Swing, Jazz and Rock, this is ‘Pop’, Alstom presents Coradia Stream for Trenitalia

After unveiling the ‘Coradia Stream’ for the Dutch railways earlier today, Alstom now has also presented the Stream for Trenitalia, the Italian railway company. In Italy, the Coradia Stream is […]

[NL] ICNG Mock-up revealed; Dutch railways present new Intercity for 2021

In the summer of 2016, the Dutch railways (NS) placed an order for 79 (+2!) new Intercity trains (type ICNG or ‘Intercity Nieuwe Generatie’) with Alstom from France. Since then […]

[DE] AusgeRastatt! SBB Cargo International to make a statement with its first freight train to pass Rastatt [Update x2]

AusgeRastatt! / Rastattless! This night, just after midnight the first freight train will pass through Rastatt, marking the end of the European Freight Corridor no.1 closure. It will be a freight […]

[Design] Unleash the livery! Iconic transport livery posters by Sam Jessup

Check this out! This is Liveries Unleashed, the latest project of designer Sam Jessup. This project ‘celebrates great transport brands from across the globe – with a distinctly retro theme’. Sam’s new […]

[CZ] CD 680 005: The first Pendolino with a modernised interior

After three months of work, České dráhy and its subsidiary DPOv (ČD Dílny Pro Opravy Vozidel) have released the first Pendolino EMU with a new interior. Unit 680 005 now […]

[CZ] This is CZ Loko’s EffiShunter 300 in CD livery

News from CZ Loko; the first two-axle ‘EffiShunter 300’ locomotive for the Czech railways is good to go. The image shows you the designated ‘794 002’, the second machine of […]

[IL] Siemens selected as preferred supplier of new EMUs for Israel

Siemens has announced it is the preferred supplier for sixty double deck EMUs for the Israelian railways. Its bid is preferred over the one from Alstom, the competitor in the […]

[PL] Rail Polska 207E; a diesel locomotive that is now electric

You may know it as ‘ST44’, ‘M62’, ‘V200’, ‘Szergej‘, ‘Taigatrommel’ or maybe ‘Gagarin’; Some of the many names given to the six-axle diesel locomotives built by Ługanskij tiepłowozostroitielnyj zawod in […]

[EU] Siemens and Alstom join forces to create a European Champion in Mobility

The corporate name of the combined group will be Siemens Alstom Signed Memorandum of Understanding grants exclusivity to combine mobility businesses in a merger of equals Listing in France and […]