[IT] Interporto Servizi Cargo signs a full-service contract with Akiem for 10 TRAXX MS3 electrics

On 27.03.2018, Interporto Servizi Cargo (ISC) and Akiem signed a 10-year full-service leasing contract for 10 TRAXX MS3 locomotives to be delivered in 2019, with an option for six more.

Akiem is delivering ISC a full-service leasing solution and is committing to the highest levels of reliability and efficiency to optimise locomotive availability. Bombardier Service Italy will provide the maintenance service for the locomotives, with ISC and Akiem relying on the manufacturer’s skills and network of workshops in Italy. To be as close as possible to operations, maintenance work will also be carried out at the customer’s site in Nola.

Freight trains on the Bologna-Florence high-speed line

Intended for Interporto Servizi Cargo freight operations, these locomotives will be able to operate on the Italian domestic market on both standard and high-speed lines due to its multi system capability (3 kv DC, 15 and 25 kv AC) and will connect with both the German and Austrian networks. The new locomotives, manufactured by Bombardier, are part of the latest TRAXX 3 locomotive platform.

Akiem is supporting ISC in an innovative new project to operate non-interrupted P400 semi-trailer trains on lines connecting the north of Italy to Rome. This type of operation is not possible at the moment due to the incompatibility between the height of semi-trailers and that of tunnels. ISC has obtained authorisation from the Italian infrastructure manager RFI to use the Bologna-Florence high-speed line during the night with such freight trains.

Impression by Railcolor – there is no relation to Bombardier, Akiem or ISC

About Interporto Servizi Cargo

Interporto Servizio Cargo is one of the largest private railway companies in Italy. It is 100% owned by Interporto Campano and lead by Giuseppe Sciarrone and Fabrizio Mannato. Its main activity is to run daily intermodal trains which connect the biggest terminals in southern Italy (Nola, Bari and Pomezia) with the biggest terminals in northern Italy: Verona QE, Bologna, Segrate and Busto Arsizio.

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Railcolor comments

The contract between Akiem and ISC is a novelty, but it is also new that Akiem will receive TRAXX locomotives of the MS3 type. The leasing company is the second customer, next to TX Logistik, to place an order for these new generation of multi system locomotives (also known as series 188).

You may know ISC for its yellow wrapped MRCE 189 series locomotives such as ES 64 F4-016ES 64 F4-110, ES 64 F4-403 and ES 64 F4-405. And there was this curious case of Alpha Trains > RTC E483.004 that had one side in yellow for 12 hours for promotional purposes.