[DE] This is the first FLIRT EMU for Go-Ahead – BaWü Netz 1.2/1.3

This is the first FLIRT EMU for operator Go-Ahead. Such trains will be used on part 2 and 3 of “Netz 1” in Baden-Württemberg, as of June 2019. At this moment, 48 trains are on order in four different lengths:

  • 05.2016: 26x FLIRT for Netz 1.2 / 11x 3-car and 15x 5-car
  • 05.2016: 19x FLIRT for Netz 1.3 / 9x 4-car and 10x 6-car
  • 05.2017: 3x extra FLIRT for Netz 1.2 / 2x 3-car and 1x 5-car
The image shows 3-car unit no. ET3.01, built by Stadler Rail in Pankow near Berlin, during the “Inbetriebsetzung”.
Photo: Go-Ahead