[EU] Railcolor Weekly: Modern Locomotive News (18/09-10)

Welcome! We are almost back to normal. From now on we will again bring you the latest news on new electric locomotives being built in Europe on a weekly basis. New liveries and remarkable operator changes are of course also mentioned. Enjoy! Oh, do you have comments or questions, contact us here! When you want to receive an email every time we publish this item, you can subscribe to our mail list here.

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  • Don’t forget about 191 100 – the locomotive was taken to Poland on 25.02.2018
  • Lokomotion 193 777 now has Lokomotion front logos and numbers
  • Newest Vectron in the fleet of DB Cargo: 193 307
  • Newag’s E4DCUd-005 is now in service of PKP Intercity
  • Softronic is about to deliver 480 031 to DB Cargo in Romania
  • DB Cargo Polska soon will have its 5170 056 back – the loco crashed in Tarnówka, Poland in March 2016

 Akiem: 187 507 is TRAXX AC3 no. 6 for CTL Logistics

Akiem > CTL Logistics 187 507 at Radbruch on 06.03.2018 – Photo: KrisztiánBalla‎

Akiem 187 507 is TRAXX AC3 no. 6 for CTL Logistics. The rail freight operator from Berlin already received 5 similar locomotives at the end of 2017. The locomotives have mainly replaced MRCE TRAXX 2 locomotives in the fleet of CTL Logistics.

Akiem > AWT 186 353 now has real AWT logos (some older images showed a photoshop edit) – the locomotive on 04.03.2018 on its way to Česká Třebová – Photo: Pavel Stejskal‎

Alstom: The first ‘Prima’ for India

The Ministry of Railways of India have release a video of the first WAG 12 freight locomotive for the national railways. Yes, it looks much different compared to the double locos that Alstom has been developing for the railways in Kazakhstan. This blue double locomotive with number ‘60001’ is the first of a huge batch (800 double locomotives on order!) that Alstom will deliver from its new local “Madhepura Electric Locomotive” plant. Soon we will bring more about this project.

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Bombardier: TRAXX Africa now in commercial operation

Deutsche Bahn: the ‘Niklasdorf Unfallzug’

On 12.02.2018 two trains collided at Niklasdorf in Austria, an accident with one casualty and 28 people injured. Preliminary results of investigation show that one train driver ran through a red light. The Austrian railways is now introducing extra safety regulations.

The rolling stock that was damaged in this accident was an ÖBB CityJet (Siemens Desiro ML) and a loco-hauled EuroCity train of Deutsche Bahn. Below a picture of the locomotive and some coaches of that latter consist, parked at Salzberg on 21.02.2018.

The ‘damaged goods’ on 21.02.2018 at Salzburg – Photo: Christian Tscharre

Der Unfallzug aus Niklasdorf(A) wartet am Salzburger Hbf auf den Weitertransport nach Deutschland, 21.2.2018.

ELL: 193 726 is Vectron no.5 in the Netherlands

It goes slowly, but it progresses: the introduction of Siemens Vectron locomotives in the Netherlands. ELL now has four machines (193 232 and 261-263) with D/A/H/PL/CZ/SK/RO/NL package, that are operated by LTE. DB Cargo’s 193 300 and 301 are making their first runs between the Rotterdam harbour area and Venlo. The newest arrival is ELL 193 726 that is to be used by RTB Cargo for driver training.

HSL Logistik: 187 538 is the final TRAXX AC3

This week operator HSL Logistik took delivery of its fourth and last TRAXX AC3 electric that was ordered in 2016. All four machines have a different design. Read more

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187 538 at Kassel – Photo: Martin Priebs

Metrans: looking for drivers

Rail operator Metrans is growing fast. Like many other freight operators they are looking for new loco drivers. Locomotives prove to be an effective way of finding new ‘recruits’. Photo: Erik Körschenhausen

MRCE U2-071: Eurogate stickers are gone

MRCE ES 64 U2-071 had Eurogate intermodal stickers since 2013 – now they are gone – The locomotive at Ferencváros on 24.02.2018 – Photo: Gigantos Pistes

ÖBB: this is out new interoperable freight locomotive

Photo: Ludwig GS

On 05.03.2018, locomotive 1293 001 was the center of attention of a press event in Vienna. Starting next June, ÖBB is to receive thirty Vectron multi system electrics from Siemens. In December the delivery will be completed. Read more about the presentation at Vienna here (and take a look inside the locomotive)

RailAdventure: 3 new electrics series 111

Photo: Simon Wijnakker

This month, ‘interim rail operator’ RailAdventure will take delivery of two new 111 series locomotives. A third one will arrive in April. Let us show you the presentation of the ‘new’ 111 210, 215 and 222 – which took place last week at Dessau.

RegioJet shows first TRAXX MS locomotive

This year, Czech passenger operator RegioJet will receive four new TRAXX multi system locomotives. Now the first one, the designated 386 201, is complete. Read more

The future RegioJet ‘386 202’ in Kassel on 02.03.2018 – Photo: RegioJet

Siemens presents the Smartron

A smart thing to do? Siemens has released a new, simple version of the Vectron locomotive. It comes in 1 configuration, and apparently also in one color: blue. Below you see the design of the ‘192 001‘, which is now ready for use by rail operators from Germany. Read more about the Smartron proposition here.

Israel railways: 3004 and 3006 on the boat

RailAdventure 139 558 taking IR 3004 and 3006 to Bremen on 23.02.2018 – Jeggen – Photo: Marco Rodenburg

Israel Railways (IR) will soon have 5 TRAXX AC3 locomotives. 3001-3003 have arrived in the country, 3004 and 3006 are on the boat. IR wants to start commercial operation with these electrics on 30.03.2018. That day the 56-kilometer line connecting Jerusalem and Tel Aviv should open. Although referred to as ‘high speed’ line, this first electrified track section in the country has a maximum speed of 160 km/u, which is sufficient for such a short distance.

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SBB Cargo International: 193 469-472 in service

SBB Cargo International recently received four more Vectron locomotives. The Swiss rail freight operator now has the designated 193 461-464 and 469-472 in its fleet. Every machine has its own name, we have a complete over here.

LokRoll > SBBCI 193 472 ‘Köln’ and 193 470 ‘Freiburg’ south bound, with their first freight train at Stein Säckingen – Photo: Steffen Tröndle

 S Rail Lease: 4 more Vectrons released

S Rail Lease 383 104, 105, 106 and 107 on 25.02.2018 at Enns – Photo: Andreas Kepplinger

S Rail Lease from Slovakia now has seven Vectron locomotives in its fleet, since the delivery of the designated 383 104-107 by Siemens late February. We expect that the next machines that will be released rom work by Siemens will have a different configuration, with additional equipment for Slovenia and Croatia. The ‘383 202’ is first of this batch we have recorded.

MRCE ES64U2-060 in service of CargoServ on 24.02.2018 at Enns – Photo: Andreas Kepplinger

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