[DE] The Siemens Smartron: A turn-key, standardized freight locomotive for Germany

This blue machine is the “Smartron”. It is a highly standardised electric locomotive for freight transport, authorised for Germany. And it is always blue, capri blue. Customers can place their orders now, delivery will commence at the end of 2018. For now, Siemens has released locomotive 22037 for demonstration purposes.

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Siemens wants to make it easy for its customers, various German rail freight operators. The Smartron is preconfigured for freight traffic in Germany, being optimised for ‘cost-efficient operation with high operational safety’. There is only one version, one price, which makes a simple buying process possible.

The Smartron is a normal gauge Vectron with 5.6 MW power output and a top speed of 140 km/h. It weighs around 83 metric tonnes. It functions under 15 kV AC voltage systems and is equipped with the PZB/LZB train protection system.

The ‘Smartron’ for Germany. Photo: Siemens AG