[IT] Captrain Italia orders 5+5 TRAXX DC3 locomotives with shunting diesel

It is official, Captrain Italia signed a contract with Bombardier for the delivery of five TRAXX DC3 locomotives, with Last Mile shunting diesel module. These locomotives will be delivered within twelve months from Bombardier’s factory in Vado Ligure. This information was published by Ship2Shore today.

It is the first time that the Italian division of the French national railways purchases locomotives by itself. Deutsche Leasing is responsible for financing the deal. Captrain Italia requires the machines to be prepared for the installation of ETCS and wants them to be certified for services to Modane in France.

It is planned to place a second order for another five machine that will be delivered in the second half of 2019.

For Bombardier, Captrain Italia is the third customer for its new TRAXX DC3 locomotive. Mercitalia recently signed a contract for 40 units – GTS Rail will get five.

TRAXX DC3 roll-in at Bombardier Vado Ligure on 14.12.2017 – Photo: Bombardier