[IT] GTS Rail orders TRAXX DC3 locomotives

Italian rail freight operator GTS Rail has again decided to order new TRAXX locomotives. It is the fifth time the company is acquiring DC electrics from Bombardier.

But this time the locomotive model is different. GTS Rail is the second operator to order the new TRAXX DC3, soon also to be known as series 494. In February 2019 Bombardier will hand over the first machine, and four more will follow. With these five new machines the number of TRAXX electrics in the fleet of GTS Rail will grow to fifteen:

TRAXX DC locomotives in the fleet of GTS Rail:

  • Batch 1: E 483 051-053, ordered 2008, delivered 2009
  • Batch 2: E 483 054-055, ordered 2011, delivered 2012
  • Batch 3: E 483 056-057, ordered 2014, delivered 2015
  • Batch 4: E 483 058-060, ordered 2015, delivered 2017
  • Batch 5: new TRAXX AC3 model, ordered 2018, to be delivered 2019
The new GTS Rail 494 series locomotives will not have the Last Mile shunting diesel module.
Impression: Bombardier