[EU / Expert] The new electric locomotives we expect to be delivered in 2018 [Updated]

A new year, a new overview of what is to come. We have collected all publicly available information about future locomotive deliveries and orders placed, and made an overview. No, it is not complete, and sure in detail it will not be 100% correct. But the graph below does give you a indication wich companies will have new locomotives delivered and many there will come before the end of this year.

Update 15.01.2018: Posting always results in good remarks. Our comments: TX Logistik indeed has 40 TRAXX MS3 locomotives on order, but we expect the first ones to be delivered in 2019, so they are not in this overview. Indeed missing are the TRAXX DE Multi Engine locos that Deutsche Bahn has on order for 2018. Four should be delivered, three for ICE rescue duty and one for the IC trains connecting Erfurt and Gera.

A safe estimate: we think at least 280 new electrics will be delivered to operators in Europe this year. 2018 will be good year, the improving economic situation in most countries is resulting in better filled order books for the European manufacturers of electric (and other types of) locomotives.

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