[EU] The new electric locomotives we expect to be delivered in 2018 [Updated]

A new year, a new overview of what is to come. We have collected all publicly available information about future locomotive deliveries and orders placed, and made an overview. No, it is not complete, and sure in detail it will not be 100% correct. But the graph below does give you a indication wich companies will have new locomotives delivered and many there will come before the end of this year.

Update 15.01.2018: Posting always results in good remarks. Our comments: TX Logistik indeed has 40 TRAXX MS3 locomotives on order, but we expect the first ones to be delivered in 2019, so they are not in this overview. Indeed missing are the TRAXX DE Multi Engine locos that Deutsche Bahn has on order for 2018. Four should be delivered, three for ICE rescue duty and one for the IC trains connecting Erfurt and Gera.

A safe estimate: we think at least 280 new electrics will be delivered to operators in Europe this year. 2018 will be good year, the improving economic situation in most countries is resulting in better filled order books for the European manufacturers of electric (and other types of) locomotives.

The graphic below does show all the operators that will receive locomotives this year. But for sure, more customers will be served. Some operators or lease companies want to keep their orders silent for strategic reasons. And especially Siemens is producing its locomotives in such a way that it can quickly adopt to changing market conditions, and deliver new machines to operators on a very short notice; so within 2018 new orders may be placed AND fulfilled.

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Copyright Railcolor – alle Angaben sind ohne Gewähr von Richtigkeit und Vollständigkeit – ‘We expect’ = no official plan known, we expect the locomotives to arrive in the time frame indicated

We have listed all customers on the right in alphabetical order. The ones in blue did already receive the first machines of the specific order mentioned, and this will continue into 2018. The customers noted down in white have placed orders of which the delivery will commence in 2018. These are the most interesting to watch.

For the first time, Captrain will get its own TRAXX MS2e electrics, after having hired many similar machines. They will predominantly be operated in Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium.

Softronic will take it Trans Montana locomotive design to the next level; version 3 and the name ‘Polar Circle’ is being rumoured. The whole production line will be upgraded to be able to serve Softronic’s new customer Green Cargo.

A bit more distant is the plan of Deutsche Bahn to introduce new IC2 trains with TRAXX AC3 locomotives. Will Bombardier be able to get the new 147.5 series certified for Germany AND Switzerland so the first 17 units can be used between Stuttgart and Zürich? Then in 2019, another 25 can come.

Impression: Siemens

Hupac will get its new Vectron locomotives. A first impression has been released already, showing us a machine in dark blue. This is a nice addition to the Vectron color palette.

Speaking about blue, also a Vectron DE diesel locomotive will get this color. RDC Autzug Sylt will get the designated 247 909 in a lighter shade of blue, with silver roofs.

Photo: RDC Autozug Sylt

After a break, Vectron deliveries to MRCE will resume. This time we will see the arrival of new subtypes for this Siemens’ customer. Vectron DCs for Italy and multisystem machines for the Transalp corridor will be added to the extensive fleet of this leasing company.

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Zooming out, and looking at product development, 2018 will be a very important year for Bombardier. The company wants to introduce two new TRAXX locomotive to the market. TRAXX MS3 and TRAXX DC3 will commence testing, the first prototypes of both new family members have been completed now, and will be used to get the desired certifications. Time is precious here.

TRAXX MS3 – Photoshop by Railcolor

Maybe not so in the spotlight lately however is de development and construction of the new Prima H4 electrics for the Swiss railways. These will be 120 km/u fast bimode locomotives with a mid-cab design. They will both a have 895 kW diesel engine combined with a 2 MW electric propulsion system.

2018 will also be the year of the arrival of the Vectron in Austria. Testing is already in full swing to pave the way for the introduction of ÖBB’s new 1293 series locomotives. 30 are on order for use in Austria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Impression: RegioJet – Edited by Railcolor Design (other color, applied logos again)

New colours will come to the rails with the arrival of the TRAXX MS locomotives for RegioJet. 386s in bright yellow will be interesting to see. Stern & Hafferl could make something nice of their first TRAXX AC3 arriving at the end the year. Colorwise we think this will be just the tip of the ice berg (what to think of a CER Cargo liveried 365 002?). For sure several lease locomotives will get new livery designs. Promo liveries will come to celebrate special events.

We are ready, let a Railcolorful 2018 begin!

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