2018: Will Railcolor stop or not?

In August of this year I shook up the online railway community by stating Railcolor would stop. Stop per 01.01.2018 – and well, this is next Monday, so what will happen?

First let me end the self-created confusion about statement. During the next weeks, nothing will change, I will continue the Railcolor News website with your help and keep on sending news letters to keep you posted. Two months ago, after receiving a lot of feedback (both supportive and critical) I decided to pause my plan to introduce a paywall on the Railcolor News website.

I say pause because the plan will be continued in 2018, but under different conditions, and in a different pace, with less pressure. I took the last two months to develop good content and gather more people around me to write (Peider, Maxime, Alexander, Konstantin, Nicolas, Theo, Henk, Ferry and Renaud, welcome!).

Slowly but steadily I will guide through the change process that is ahead of us. Return to this website regularly, so you will not miss out on the developments. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for your support and patience, nobody said it was easy!

Happy new year!