[DE] The new S-Bahn; First vehicle body arrives in Berlin – assembly started [updated]

Arrival of the first painted bodies

16.10.2017: The new S-Bahn for Berlin and Brandenburg is taking shape. The first red-yellow painted car body of the future vehicle generation has arrived in the Federal Capital. It is the end-car of a 4-car train. The project is on schedule. Deutsche Bahn / S-Bahn Berlin invests around 900 million euros in the new vehicles and the necessary adjustment to the workshop in Berlin-Grünau.

In total 106 consists (382 cars) have been ordered so far from a consortium of Stadler Pankow GmbH and Siemens. There will be 85 4-car units and another 21 2-car units, to be operated on Berlin’s ring network (S41, S42) and the S8/S46/S47 services in the south-east.

The first end-car of a S-Bahn Berlin 483/484 series EMU – Photo: Stadler Pankow GmbH
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Siemens supplies the electrical components, such as the converters, auxiliary equipment, vehicle control systems, passenger information systems, bogies and the braking system. Stadler is primarily responsible for mechanical components such as car bodies, interior (walls, floors, ceilings), seats, doors, and air conditioning systems. The final assembly of the vehicles takes place at the Stadler plant in Berlin-Pankow. The car bodies are manufactured in Hungary, where Stadler has a special factory.

The design of the 483/484 series EMU for Berlin, after consulting users and personnel with the mock-up – Photo: Stadler Pankow GmbH/design: büro+staubach berlin

The first ten pre-series trains of the new 483/484 series will be operated from 01.01.2021 on the S47 line between Südkreuz and Spindlersfeld. The delivery of the whole series will be completed by the year 2023.

Assembly start

Update 20.11.2017: It’s Monday and the first concrete steps have been made; The starting gun for the technical and interior equipment of the still empty car bodies for the latest trains of S-Bahn Berlin’s light rail fleet has been fired at the Stadler plant in Berlin- Pankow. 

The technicians from the Siemens/Stadler manufacturing consortium can now start their job. First, they will focus on 30 pilot series cars. Five fully walk-through four-car units and five two-car trainsets will each be equipped in the coming months. 352 additional cars will follow in the next few years.

Photo: Siemens
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“Heart, brain and soul”: The assembly technicians will breathe life into the red and yellow car bodies. The traction container hosting the traction motors and electrical equipment is the “heart” of the car, whereas the control system is the “brain”. And finally, the comprehensive comfort features designed by the development team in close cooperation with light rail customers and passenger associations symbolize the “soul”. This also includes the contemporary continuation of the classic red and yellow color design that has made S-Bahn Berlin so distinctive for almost 100 years.

Photo: Deutsche Bahn
Photo: Siemens