[DE] Abellio and Bombardier present the first Talent2 EMU for the Neckartal contract

On 26.10.2017, Bombardier and Abellio celebrated the roll-out of the first Talent EMU for Baden-Württemberg, for the Neckartal (Netz 1) concession to be more precise. The first units will enter service medio 2019 and run to cities in southern Germany such as Tübingen, Stuttgart, Mühlacker, Heilbronn and Mannheim.

The production of these new trains goes pretty fast. The first order was made public in June 2016. ‘First’ because in June 2017 it became clear that five extra trains were needed for the concession. Now Bombardier will deliver 48 EMUs for the ‘Neckartal’ concession in Baden-Württemberg: 24+2 = 26x 3-car units and 19+3 = 22x 5-car trains.

All EMUs will feature Wifi, airconditioning, space for luggage and bicycles (24 or 39) and levelled entry. In June 2020 all 48 units should be delivered.

Photo: Abellio

Railcolor: Confusing is that Bombardier initially released an artist impression of Talent2 type trein. But during InnoTrans 2016 the manufacturer confirmed these trains would be of the evolved Talent3 design. But now information clearly states, again, that the Netz 1 EMUs are Talent2, again.

Also, these Talent2 trains should not be confused with those built for the Gau-Mürr contract (Netz 3), also in Baden-Württemberg. These 16 units are being tested and commissioned right now and will enter service next December. Yes, they look similar as all trains in this region with get the yellow and white BaWu livery.

8442 801 awaiting the presentation of the new slogan – Photo: Abellio

What do you do as operator when you have to used a standard design? You look for other creative ways to put you logos on the trains, as many as possible – Photo: Abellio
A new slogan was introduced: ‘BWegt’ – Photo: Abellio
Photo: Bombardier