[EU] The Dispolok livery is getting rare – which locomotives are still (sort of) yellow and silver?

It is done. There is currently no Siemens ES 64 U2 locomotive anymore, that still has the silver and yellow ‘Siemens Dispolok’ livery. Still some units have it under their full wrapping, but none have it visibly anymore. The era ended with the completion of a revision of MRCE ES 64 U2-011, that was repainted in black during its overhaul. Since 13.10.2017 it is back on the tracks in shiny black:

MRCE ES64U2-011 on 21.10.2017 – Photo: Patrick Holzbach
MRCE ES64U2-011 under revision in September at the workshops of Linz (AT) – Photo: Andreas Kepplinger

The yellow and silver Dispolok livery was introduced back in 2000, when Siemens completed the first new locomotives for its own, also new, locomotive rental pool. 152 901, 152 902, 1116 902 and 1116 903 were the first put in service. Then the fleet kept on growing until 2005, the year Siemens decided to sell the whole Dispolok fleet to lease company MRCE, that has black as its standard, corporate colour.

The locomotives that were delivered in yellow and silver are (numbering by delivery):

  • 2x 152 901-902
  • 59x 1116 902-903, ES 64 U2 001-030, 033-052, 080-082, 095-099
  • 44x ES64F4 001-028, 030-033, 088-099
  • 15x ER20 001-015
  • 12x ME26 01-12

With U2-011 gone, there are no locomotives of this type anymore that visibly have the Dispolok livery. But we live in the time of stickers and wrapping. This means there are still three locomotives that have this paint scheme, but it is currently covered by a full wrap. We know about:

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MRCE ES64U2-011 on 18.10.2017 – Photo: Christian Klotz

Want to take pictures of ‘tweeties’? Look for 189s!
In the Netherlands (in other countries too?) the 189s that are still yellow and silver, are nicknamed ‘tweety’. Should I hurry if I still want to catch a 189 with my camera? It depends on the type and where you are of course.

The Siemens (later MRCE) Dispolok loco pool comprised of several Siemens built locomotive types, both diesel and electric. There were ER20 and ME26 series diesel locomotives. Two 152 series locomotives were added to the fleet (designated ES64F-901 and 902) and of course many many ES64U2 (1116) and ES64F4 (189) series locomotives. But, what is still left of this fleet, which locomotive still sport the yellow and silver livery, more or less? We made an overview:

  • ER20-002 Metrans – with Metrans logos
  • ER20-007 MRCE
  • ER20-011  Beacon Rail Leasing
  • ER20-012  Beacon Rail Leasing
  • ES 64 F4-002 RTC – with RTC/Lokomotion logos
  • ES 64 F4-003 RTC – with RTC/Lokomotion logos
  • ES 64 F4-012 RTC / Lokomotion -with Cream stickers
  • ES 64 F4-015 MRCE
  • ES 64 F4-026 MRCE
  • ES 64 F4-030 MRCE
  • ES 64 F4-031 MRCE
  • ES 64 F4-089 MRCE
  • ES 64 F4-093 MRCE
  • ES 64 F4-202 MRCE – with ERS Railways logos
  • ES 64 F4-203 MRCE – with LTE/ERS Railways logos
  • ES 64 F4-205 MRCE
  • ES 64 F4-206 MRCE – with full ‘Van Gogh’ themed wrapping – Added
  • 152 197 Captrain – with ITL logos

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With twelve ES64F4s left in the Dispolok livery, you’ll have to biggest chance to catch one of these. The four ER20 diesels are generally located in Central and Eastern Europe. For 152 197 you are most likely too late, as this machine is due for a heavy overhaul and most likely will return to the tracks in Captrain livery, like 152 196.


Captrain/ITl 152 197 on 07.10.2017 on its way to Dessau for an overhaul. It will most likely return in Captrain livery – Photo: Patrick Holzbach