[IL] Railcolor-net news archive: TRAXX AC3 Israel

This page lists all news updates about GTS Rail TRAXX AC2 locomotives, as published on Railcolor.net between 2008 and 2017.  The full fleet list of these locomotives can be found on Railcolor.net

update 2017|07|06

[IL] Israel TRAXX 3001 to Velim
Meanwhile, a second TRAXX locomotive for the Israel railways has arrived in the Czech Republic. Now both unit no. 3001 and 3002 are at the VUZ Velim test center. Images of the transport of the 3001 on 01.07.2017. Photo: Mario Lippert / Marcus Schrödter

update 2017|06|27

[IL] TRAXX for Israel: Meanwhile at the VUZ Velim test center in Cerhenice

update 2017|06|13

[IL] ‘End of Factory Certificate’ is there: #TRAXX Israel is ready for the test track

update 2017|03|24

[IL] Bombardier presents the first TRAXX for Israel

Milestone: The first Bmbardier TRAXX locomotive, number 3001, for Israel Railways has been completed and is on its way for test runs at our Kassel site. Afterwards, it will undergo final dynamic trials in Velim, Czech Republic. Then a first locomotive makes the long journey to Israel to finalize the last stages of electrical testing.

Israel Railways ordered 62 TRAXX AC locomotives in 2015 and they will play a key role in Israel’s program to switch from a diesel to electric rail network. Starting in 2018, they will power Israel’s fleet of 369 Bombardier TWINDEXX Vario double-deck coaches.

update 2015|10|21

[IL] Official: Bombardier to deliver 62 locomotives to Israel

Bombardier: Rail technology leader Bombardier Transportation has signed a contract to provide 62 TRAXX AC locomotives to Israel Railways (ISR). Based on the list price, the new order is valued at approximately 230 million euro (262 million US)(1). The contract also includes an option for an additional 32 locomotives.

Boaz Tzafrir, CEO of Israel Railways, said, “The Israel Railways electrification project is advancing and becoming a reality. The transition to electric operation, a standard practice in all advanced countries, will be a significant leap forward in every field relating to the operation of the Israel Railways and a key factor in Israel Railways’ future growth.”

Yossi Daskal, Chief Country Representative and Head of Sales Israel, Bombardier Transportation, said, “We feel honored to have been selected for this significant order. We have been working in close partnership with Israel Railways for decades, having already delivered and retrofitted a large fleet of double deck coaches. Our long term relationship with Israel Railways is based on a clear understanding of how our transport solutions can continue to best meet the mobility needs of the people of Israel.”

The TRAXX locomotive is based on a highly reliable and versatile locomotive platform that has proven its technology through years of successful operations across Europe. Designed for speeds up to 160 km/h, the new TRAXX AC locomotives will be mainly used to power Israel’s fleet of 369 BOMBARDIER TWINDEXX Vario double deck coaches currently in use. The locomotives also feature the highly reliable and field proven BOMBARDIER MITRAC TC 3300 AC Traction Converter as well as universal MITRAC drives, which include the latest generation of traction motors and gearboxes.

The new locomotives will be nearly identical to the TRAXX AC locomotives already in service with German Rail Operator, Deutsche Bahn and, as ISR’s first electrically powered rolling stock, will play a key role in Israel’s program to electrify its rail network. The first deliveries are planned for the end of 2017.

update 2014|08|02

Read the tender details here.

The railways of Israel (IR) are known as a loyal customer of big mainline diesel locomotives. It is an exceptional good customer of Alstom/Vossloh from Valencia (IR 700/800/1300/1400 series). But the IR now has adopted a 25 kV 50 Hz electrification program for its main network, so it is in need of new electrical traction power.

Therefore it is calling upon rolling stock manufacturers to submit a bid for a comprehensive number of electrics (62 – 78 units and options for more). IR wants a proven locomotive design, to be used for both freight and passenger services.

All proposals must be submitted no later than December 15th, 2014 by 13:00 (Israel time).

update 2013|11|13

[IL] Israelian railways tender for new electric locomotives

Railjournal reports.

A break through in diesel paradise. The Railways of Israel (IR) has launched the procurement process for its first electric trains. IR has estimated need of around 80 electric locomotives, that will be used together with the Bombardier Twindexx Vario and Siemens Viaggio coaches in push pull operation. IR prefers off the shelve locomotive designs, proven products.

Additionally, IR wants to order up to sixty electric double deck trainsets. IR plans to electrify up to 420 km of its network.