Railcolor will stop. But you can save it!

Wait, what? What is going on? Railcolor stops? Why? Let me explain.

This is the most important Railcolor news update in its 15+ years history. Read it carefully.

What is this about?
– The current Railcolor News sites will stop
– A new, better Railcolor will come in 2018 if you want it
– Railcolor.net’s database will remain as it is
– Partner site Mainlinediesels.net will stay online, no change here
– Order your subscription for 2018 here

My name is Simon Wijnakker and I have been making Railcolor for you for the past 15 years. I love it. It brought me so much, but it is time to make an important decision: Stop or move forward. I say, let’s move, but this is only possible with your support.

It is a point on which every project born out of passion will arrive, sooner or later. Now we are there. Railcolor has become too big for one person, but at the same time I believe it still can be so much better; Better texts, beautiful images, in-dept analysis and interactive articles, with passion for railways.

It is big step into the unknown, I understand. It is for me, it is for you. But I refuse to give up so easily. I can imagine you want Railcolor to continue and become better, this is your chance to make it possible.

I can talk around it, be vague, but I won’t. Railcolor will only survive, become better, when we start earning money with it. I am not a big fan of free news websites slowly being taken over by advertisements, sponsored content and off-topic articles. We want a good and clean website, with correct information, about new trains, like we are now. The price? only 7,42 euro / month. Not much for so much information on a daily basis right?

This is what I want to do:

  • This is the start of a new crowd-funding
  • We have 5 months to generate funding (deadline 31.12.2017)
  • First phase: we want to raise 25.000 euro (+/- 340 1-year subscibers)
  • We will build a new website with log-in
  • Only subscribers will be able to read all the news after 01.01.2018
  • The price? 49 euro for 6 months, 89 euro for a year (only 7,42 euro per month!)
  • subscription includes a news letter service to keep you updated
  • We do a fixed fee crowd-funding campaign, as it is most honest. All or nothing. If we don’t reach the 25.000 euro mark. All money will be returned.
  • for companies we have a special business offer

Important: What will happen to my data, my images on Railcolor.net and Mainlinediesels.net? The answer is simple: nothing.

I promise you that nothing of the content now online on Railcolor.net/MainlineDiesels.net database will disappear behind a pay-wall. What is there, will remain there. I do not own it, we own it together! So you will still be able to enjoy the images and search for data in the future. The new project focuses on news, new content and more in-depth information.

So it is now or never, please give me your confidence and let’s create something better for the future, we will all be able to enjoy for many many more years. You back us up with only 7,42 euro per month; And we will make it happen!

Let’s build your new favorite railway magazine!

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