[EU] Railcolor EU Railway Industry brief – August 2017

Railcolor is changing. Until the end of the year we show you new content that will become part of the ‘NEW RAILCOLOR’, our new online railway magazine. This is the first Railcolor Industry brief; A monthly overview of new trains ordered, developed, built and delivered by European railway manufacturers. Read all about it here.

General news

Siemens and Bombardier approaching; plan to form JVs
Since 2016, railway manufacturers Siemens and Bombardier are ‘talking’ with each other to find out if they can join forces to cope with the growing state-owned competition from China. In 2015, the Chinese government decided to merge its two largest rail manufacturers (CNR + CSR = CRRC) and to enter the international market for rolling stock. Siemens and Bombardier, amongst other companies, are loosing important orders to CNNR, especially outside of Europe; Metros for Chicago, double-decker cars for Pennsylvania, more recently, high-speed trains for Indonesia.

To be stronger, more efficient, and cheaper, the two companies plan to combine their rolling stock manufacturing and automatization business units. Two joint-ventures will be set up, both headquartered in Berlin. One JV, led by Bombardier, will specialize in building and developing rolling stock. Siemens will lead the JV that will focus on the automation of rail transport.

Other European manufacturers are going a different course because in order to combat the competition from the East and the ongoing globalization of the industry. Škoda is a takeover candidate for the Chinese. Stadler Rail is expanding on its power by developing completely new products (such as locos, metros) and become active in new markets (for example in the United States). Alstom is currently in quiet waters since it became a specialized railway manufacturer (all other non-rail business activities were sold). For the moment, Alstom has a well-filled order book.

Urban Transport

[AU / Alstom] Sydney receives forst Citadis X05 LRVs

Sydney is the first in the world to commission Alstom Citadis X05 LRVs. The first units were delivered at the end of July. – Impression: Alstom

[BE / CAF] CAF can build trams for De Lijn
The State Council has decided. Operator De Lijn from Belgium can order new trams from CAF. The Spanish manufacturer is the winner after a long battle with Bombardier, which twice the outcome of the procurement process. Read the full article >

[LU / CAF] Luxtram testing has started
On July 12, Luxtram officially started the test phase of its new light rail rolling stock. CAF from Spain supplies 21 bidirectional vehicles of the Urbos type. Luxtram is the first modern LRV project in Luxembourg. In December, the first passenger services should start between LuxExpo and Pont Rouge.

[SE / CAF] Extra trams for Stockholm
The Swedish city of Stockholm has decided to order seven additional trams type Urbos at CAF. Stostockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) already operates 22 similar units (types A35 and A36).

[NL / CAF] Mock-up of the new Amsterdam tram presented
On 18.07.2017, the Amsterdam transport authority (GVB) and manufacturer CAF presented a life-size mock-up of the ’15G’ tram, a new type that will enter service mid-2019. Read the full article >

Photo: GVB

[UA / Pesa] Million Order from Kiev
Later this year, Pesa will start delivering forty trams to the city of Kiev. In July the news was published that the Polish manufacturer had the best bid for the new fleet of trams for the capital of the Ukraine. It is not the first time Kiev ordered trams from Pesa. Operator Kievpastrans already has ten Pesa Fokstrot units in its fleet. Pesa now plans to open a local assembly and service center.

[DE / Solaris] Tramino XL employed in Leipzig
On July 13, after a small ceremony, the first Tramino XL tram was commissioned in the German city of Leipzig. The tram will be tested in the passenger service on line 4. The experience gained (the ‘1002’ had software problems during the first days for example) will be used to further improve the trams. At present five sets are ordered and 36 pieces are available as an option. Read the article here >

Photo: Patrick Holzbach

Mainline railways

[CH / Alstom] H3 for SBB Cargo delivered
On June 26, the first of two H3 shunting locos was delivered to SBB Cargo. The Swiss freight carrier ordered these in 2016. The blue painted loco does not have a SBB designation (yet?) nor does it sport any SBB logos. The SBB Cargo units are no. 22 and 23 from the H3 production line in Stendal (DE).

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BTW, Alstom has also completed a H3 locomotive in company colors (photo below right) with number 019.

[DK / Alstom] LINT’en delivered to Nordjyske Railways
Alstom has announced that it has delivered all Coradia LINT DMUs to operator Nordjyske Jernbaner (NJ) from Denmark. NJ ordered thirteen two-car sets in 2015. They are painted blue and get white logos and striping after they arrived in Denmark. The DMUs will be employed on the Nordjylland rail network starting this fall.

Photo: Alstom

[DE / Alstom] This is the Coradia Continental for the Hessische Landesbahn:

A 1440 series EMU for the Hessische Landesbahn (HLB) at Straubing on 01.08.2017. Photo: Edmund Gashi

[UK / Bombardier] More Aventra EMUs for the Elizabeth line

Transport for London (TfL) Rail has decided to raise the number of Aventra EMUs on order from Bombardier from 66 to 70. They will be used to intensify planned services on the lines Paddington – Whitechapel, Paddington – Shenfield and Paddington – Abbey Wood.
As of June 22, the first EMUs (the designated class 345) have entered revenue earning passenger service, between Liverpool Street and Shenfield. By December 2019, all trains and lines that are planned should be operational. Read the article here >

Twindexx Vario coaches for passenegr services in Kiel on 22.07.2017 – the intermediate cars are already in operation, but the power cars still await commissioning. Driver training however should have started by now. – Berthold Hertzfeldt

[DE / Bombardier] Five extra Talent3 trains for to Abellio Rail Südwest
Abellio Rail Südwest has decided to purchase five additional Talent3 trains for its Stuttgarter Netz / Neckartal concession. Abellio will be operating this concession starting in 2019 on behalf of Baden-Württemberg. Originally, 43 EMUs type Talent3 were ordered. Now this number is increased to 26 two-car and 22 five-car sets.

Talent3 design impression. Bombardier

[DE / Bombardier] Talent3 for SWEG / SWEG and HzL merge
Baden-Württemberg: The Südwestdeutsche Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft (SWEG) will be the next operator of the “Freiburger Y” concession, starting in December 2019. This contract includes the services on the Kaiserstuhl line, the Münstertal line and, starting in 2020, the Elztalbahn line. The SWEG will order three and four electric Talent3 EMUs. With this latest order, the number of Talent2/3 units on order has increased to more as 500.

BTW, in 2018, the Hohenzollerische Landesbahn (HzL) will be merged into the SWEG. Both companies hope to profit from this merger that makes them bigger and stronger and more fit for future with increasing competition. Like SWEEG, the HzL will provide train services as of December 2019 on behalf of Baden-Württemberg (the “Ulmer Stern”).

New: Akiem 187 500, equipped for Germany only – Kassel Rangierbahnhof 14.07.2017 – Photo: Christian Klotz

[DE / Bombardier] TRAXX delivery temporarily raised

Deutsche Bahn has to invest again. After a period of restructuring and cuts, the freight carrier is now facing shortage in many departments. DB Cargo is unable to handle the increasing demand from the market. New freight cars, new personnel and new modern locomotives are needed quickly. It is not only about more locomotives, but also about fleet rejuvenation. Modern tri-phase electrics are preferred over the old-skool 143/151/155 type machines as they can return (braking) energy to the infrastructure, something that European Union is promoting.
Where do the new electrics come from? Well, the short term solution is hiring machines from Railpool and MRCE. Bombardier is delivering new TRAXX AC3s faster than scheduled and Siemens will hand-over five new Vectrons before the end of the year. Super fast!

[IL / Bombardier] On land, at sea and in the air: TRAXX locomotives for Israel
The three prototype locomotives Bombardier has been building recently for the railways of Israel (IR) are popular amongst rail fans. Many pictures where taken and we have collected may of them here. On August 1, IR 3003 was the first of its series to leave Germany, being embarked at the port of Bremen.

[NL / CAF] Climate tests for CAF EMUs for the Dutch railways
It is summer in Europe, but not for the new generation of regional trains for the Dutch railways (NS). Recently a CAF SNG (‘Sprinter Nieuwe Generatie’) was subjected to extreme weather at the climate test center in Vienna. A EMU was tested at temperatures ranging from -25 to 40 degrees celsius.

Still from video by NS

[GB / CAF] New factory in Wales
Manufacturer CAF will open a new plant in Wales, Great Britain. For an amount of 30 million pounds an old steel plant will be converted into a train production and assembly factory. It will generate 300 new jobs. By 2018 the conversion must be completed, so trams, trains and high speed equipment can be built and tested in Wales. Of course, CAF is aiming for the production of high speed trains for the new HS2 project.

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[GB / CAF] Arriva trains for Northern lines under construction
In April 2016 Northern, The UK’s largest train operator outside of London, announced it was investing £580 million in 98 new electric and diesel trains. Just over a year later a new Engineering Director and a new Head of New Trains have been recruited to oversee the project, the design of the new trains has been finalized and construction of the 281 carriages is now underway. Read the full article >

[CZ / CZ Loko] ČD buys EffiShunter 300
The Czech Railways (ČD) have placed an order for twelve two-axle shunters from CZ Loko. The machines (type EffiShunter 300) will be used to for shunting at ČD’s main passenger hubs such as Bohumín, Olomouc, Hradec Králové, Pilsen, Brno and Prague. Read the full article here.

Photo: CZ Loko

[HU / CZ Loko] CER Cargo buys EffiShunter 1600
The Hungarian freight operator CER Cargo has purchased the designated 774 714 from CZ Loko. Read more here.

[FI /  CZ Loko] Fenniarail receives fourth EffiShunter locomotive
On July 28, CZ Loko officially handed over a fourth locomotive of the EffiShunter 1600 type to Fenniarail from Finland. This operator decided in 2016 to order two extra locos, which will carry the numbers 104 and 105. The 101-103 were already delivered in 2015.

[IT / Hitachi] Production of Vivalto trains for Trenitalia completed
In 2010, Trenitalia and AnsaldoBreda (now Hitachi Rail Italy) signed a contract for the delivery of new double-decker coaches for regional transport. These so-called ‘Carrozze Doppio Piano Trasporto Regionale’ have since then been built in large numbers; No fewer than 580 intermediate cars and 126 driving trailers have been constructed, 706 units in total. The contract, including three subsequent orders, has a total value of 987 million euros. On July 11, the last coaches were handed over to Trenitalia officially. Maybe this type of trains is better known to you under the Trenitalia brand name: ‘Vivalto’. A typical Vivalto rake has six coaches and a top speed of 160 km/h.

Photo: Hitachi Rail Italy

[IT / Pesa] More Swing for Sardinia
Trenitalia and the authorities of Sardinia have agreed a new transport contract. By 2025, the carrier will be responsible for regional traffic on the normal-gauge network on the Italian island. Next to new Alstom DMUs, Trenitalia will also purchase eight additional Pesa trains of the type Swing (ATR220). The delivery is scheduled for 2018.

[DE / Pesa] Sauerland is still waiting for the Link
They should have entered service in December 2016, but a type approval has not been granted up until now: the Pesa Link trains for DB Regio. Deutsche Bahn signed into a framework agreement with Pesa in 2012; During the years that followed three orders were placed that are part of this framework.

The first contract is that for the Sauerland-Netz, where revenue services with 2- and 3-car Pesa Link trains should have started in December 2016. Currently DB Regio is operating older types of trains that were brought in from other regions. Customers are complaining about the older unreliable DMUs.

A Pesa Link prototype DMU in the livery of DB Regio during InnoTrans 2014 in Berlin. Photo: Simon Wijnakker

But there is hope. On 27.07.2017 Deutsche Bahn officially announced a hard deadline for the arrival of the Link trains: In the fall of 2018 the 2-car sets wll be available, in the spring of 2019 the 3-car version will follow. A total of 36 trains have been ordered.

However, what makes it more confusing, is that Zweckverband SPNV Ruhr-Lippe, that awarded DB Regio with the Sauerland-Netz-contract, has announced it wants to launch a new tender. This would mean that the Links may not be necessary anymore. To be continued.

[DE / Škoda] NIM-Express now on the way on the NIM route
July 5 2017: for the first time, a Škoda double train ran on the Nürnberg – Ingolstadt – Munich (NIM) route, including the high speed line. Škoda is delivering six dedicated NIM express trains (type 102 locomotive and six cars in push/pull composition). Their commercial speed will be 190 km/h making it one of the fastest regional train services in Germany.  Read the full article >

Photo: Deutsche Bahn

[DE / Siemens] Deutsche Bahn orders Vectron
New freight cars, new jobs and new locos. Deutsche Bahn investing again in its railfreight department DB Cargo. On August 4, Siemens and DB announced a new locomotive order. Siemens will supply sixty Vectron multisystem locomotives, of which five machines will be available before the end of 2017. The remaining 55 units will be handed over in the second half of 2018. DB Cargo will operate the new machines on the ‘transalp’ corridor connecting the Netherlands and the Ruhr area with Italy. In 2020 it should also be possible to operate the Vectron locos in Belgium. There is an option for another 40 machines.

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[DE / Siemens] Delivery of Vectron locomotives to Lokomotion completed
You have to admit it, Lokomotion is very successful in attracting attention with its well known ‘zebra’ locomotive fleet. Every new unit that is delivered is potentially different from the other ones.

Now Siemens has delivered all eight Vectron locomotives to Lokomotion, in four different zebra liveries. No. 193 770-772 have a blue striping, the 773 is just black and white and 774-776 have red stripes. The last one, that arrived at Lokomotion’s at the end of July, is again different: This machine is ivory white, with stripes on one side in red and on the other side in blue.

[IT / Siemens] InRail orders three Vectrons
Railfreight operator InRail from Italy has decided to order three Vectron locomotives. The news came out after InRail itself published an image of such a locomotive in its own color scheme, white, light blue and red on facebook. InRail already has four locos from Siemens; The designated 190 311-314.

[DE / Siemens] Inside the RRX 
On July 12, Siemens presented its Desiro High Capacity trains for the Rhein-Ruhr Express. For the first time it was possible to have a look inside. Unfortunately, the chairs were still covered by plastic. Read the full article >

Wegberg-Wildenrath, 12.07.2017 – Photo: Henk Zwoferink

[NL / Stadler Rail] Syntus / Keolis Nederland: First FLIRTs testing in the Netherlands
In the next few months, Stadler Rail is delivering sixteen FLIRT EMUs to Syntus in the Netherlands. The Dutch passenger operator, part of the Keolis Group, will start revenue services with its new rolling stock in December this year. Read the full article >

A Syntus FLIRT at Putten (NL) on 04.07.2017 – Photo: Iwan Bögels

[NL / Stadler Rail] Arriva order hybrid FLIRT trains for ‘northern lines’ contract
DB Arriva will operate the regional rail services in northern Netherlands for a another 15 years. The DB subsidiary for passenger transport abroad has won the open competition tender for Groningen and Friesland. The new contract has a volume of 1.6 billion euro and will include cross-border traffic to Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony) in Germany. The 51 diesel-GTW trains now in operation will be modernized, 18 new hybrid FLIRT trains will be added to the fleet. Read the full article >

DB Arriva calls them ‘Flirtino’s’. The new FLIRT trains to arrive in 2020. Impression: Deutsche Bahn

[DE / Stadler Rail] FLIRT XL for Regiobahn
Regiobahn Fahrbetriebsgesellschaft mbH was awarded a new operating contract by Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr (VRR), so it can continue to operate train services on S28 line as of 2019. At this moment, the Regiobahn is using Desiro Classic trains on the S28 connecting Mettmann with Kaarst. In the next coming years, the line will be extended from Mettmann to Wuppertal-Vohwinkel, work that will be completed in 2021. Than Regiobahn will get another new contract for a period of fifteen years. Regiobahn will order FLIRT XL trains from Stadler Rail, including a full-service maintenance contract. It is the third FLIRT XL order for Stadler Rail. Earlier similar trains were sold to VRR (Abellio Rail NRW) and Baden-Württemberg (Go Ahead).

Stadler’s first EuroDual locomotive making its rounds on 10.07.2017 at Faurei [RO}. Photo: Jurnal Feroviar
[US / Stadler Rail] Caltrain electrification works started – train design update
Caltrain is making progress with the exterior design of its future Stadler KISS trains. Also, on 21.07.2017, Caltrain officially broke ground on this so called Peninsula Corridor Electrification Project, executed by Balfour Beatty. Read the full article >

Impression: Caltrain