[DE] This is the (almost) final design of the new Berlin S-Bahn

Do you see the difference? The title image shows the (almost) final design for the new S-Bahn trains for Berlin, the future ‘Baureihe 483/484’ that will take over the “Ring” and southern lines of the city as of 2021. The user/employee/expert evaluation of the mock-up has been concluded. These are the results:

  • 77% of the respondents approved the exterior design
  • 51% of the people approved the new, modern livery (Railcolor: no red line above the doors, no black, a livery that is different from the classic lay-out is always an hot item in Berlin)
  • again some red in the front area (did you notice?); it makes the vehicles better recognizable and the red covers dirt a bit better
  • the grips of the driver entry door are redesigned, being less ‘visible’
  • interior: horizontal grips along the seats
  • door warning light on the sides

Many more points however are still under consideration, as designer and manufacturer are still assessing the costs and feasibility:

  • destination displays inside/outside: white in stead of yellow figures
  • search for alternatives for the sound indicating where the doors are
  • improve placement of buttons / tactile feedback of doors for wheelchair users
  • reduce height of the back support of the folding chairs (in front of windows)
  • test a ramp for wheelchair users
  • Make it possible to temporarily fixate the folding chairs, in such a way they can not be used by passengers
  • extra loudspeakers
  • icons in a different color
  • re-design the brackets for bicycles
  • make the edges of the entrance a little rounder
  • transparant stickers showing the Berlin public transport network, to be placed on windows
  • seats for “little people”
  • double benches instead of single seats in the area carbodies are coupled together

We will be following the process closely. Our thanks goes out to Deutsche Bahn for the information. Design impression by Stadler Pankow GmbH/design: büro+staubach berlin.

Photo: Stadler Pankow GmbH/design: büro+staubach berlin

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