[IT] Visualized: the new DC locomotives for Akiem

Akiem is expanding its fleet. In 2017 more TRAXX AC3 locomotives are expected, at this moment TRAXX MS2e and DC electrics are being outshopped. The latter type is being produced in Vado Ligure, Italy.

An article made by Simon Wijnakker and Michele Sacco.

At this moment, a batch of TRAXX machines is being produced for the Italian market exclusively. Earlier this year, Bombardier also produced five units for Poland. In total Akiem is receiving 25 TRAXX DC units:

  • 483 301-307 – Italy (December 2015 – February 2016) – all hired to Captrain Italia
  • 5170 064 – Poland – (March 2016) hired to Pol-Miedź-Trans
  • 483 308-311- Italy (April – June 2016) – all hired to Captrain Italia
  • 5170 061-064 – Poland (July – October 2016) – all hired to Pol-Miedź-Trans
  • 483 312-320 – Italy (under delivery) – hired to Captrain Italia / Dinazzano Po / Mercitalia Rail

Captrain, the department for foreign freight services of the French railways (SNCF), is applying its standard lime/light grey corporate identity now on all its locomotives in various European countries. With the arrival of Akiem 483 301-312, the design is applied for the first time on main line rolling stock in Italy.

Polish operator Pol-Miedź-Trans (PMT) hired all five units from this Akiem batch that are equipped for Poland: 5170 060 to 064 (temporarily numbered as 483 221-225). Unlike the two similar locomotives PMT took delivery of in 2011, these five machines did not receive the colorful orange/black/red/green livery. Silver it is, with black logos.

Dinazzano Po (DP) exists since 2012, after Ferrovie Emilia Romagna (FER) decided to make its railfreight activities the responsibility of a separate division. DP owns two similar TRAXX DC locomotives, but they have a plain white livery. With the arrival of Akiem 483 313, we see DP’s orange colour applied on a electric locomotive for the first time.

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Mercitalia Rail is the new name for the freight division of the Italian state railways (Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane). Akiem 483 314 and 315 were the first released with thtis livery. They completed their maiden run together on 03.01.2017.

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