[DE] The Schönbuchbahn: German region and CAF to develop new lightweight trains

It is a risk, Zweckverband Schönbuchbahn is willing to take: order a type of train that does not exist yet. Many manufacturers, CAF included, offer proven, highly standardized types of rolling stock. But local authorities state that for the Schönbuchbahn, a typical German so-called ‘Nebenbahn’, a different type of train is needed, one that currently is not on the market.

Different versions of the CAF Civity, the train that is offered to European markets for regional transport. The Schönbuchbahn wants a different type of train.

During the next four years, CAF and the Schönbuchbahn will develop new trains that will be extra light and accelerate fast. Nine sets have been ordered, costing around 51 million euro. Local authorities have decided to procure the trains without funding from the land of Baden-Württemberg.

At this moment, diesel trains run on the Schönbuchbahn (type RegioShuttle). Before the new trains arrive, electrification works will have to be completed. In 2018 the line will be closed or a month because of this. As of December 2018, diesel and electric trains (that will be hired) will then run in mixed services until the new trains arrive.

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