[FI] Skoda’s Transtech Oy sells LRVs to Tampere, the third city of Finland

On 04.10.2016 the news was published that Transtech Oy, a subsidiary of Skoda Transportation, was selected as the supplier of the lightrail vehicles (LRVs) for the newly built tram line in Tampere, the third largest city in Finland. The fixed order includes the delivery of 15-20 vehicles of the type ‘ForCity Smart Artic’ and servicing and maintenance contract for the first ten years of operation.

Under the same conditions, Tampere may decide on a later moment to order up to 46 extra LRVs. Also the service contract can be extended to up to thirty years. The new trams will be manufactured at the Transtech company plant in Finland. The final signing of the contract is expected only after the approval of the city council of Tampere, which meets on 24.10.2016. The contract value will depend on the final quantity of these vehicles ranges between 3,2 to 3,8 mil. EUR per tram.

Similar ForCity Smart Artic LRVs are being operated in Helsinki (FI). They are a product of Transtech Oy, that was acquired this year by Skoda Transportation from the Czech Republic.

Skoda Transportation
Skoda Transportation

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