[DE] Hello Hamburg: Metrans receives first H3 hybrid shunting locomotive

Alstom is supplying two Prima H3 hybrid shunting locomotives to Metrans Rail Germany. On February 11, the order was announced officially. There is an option for three additional locomotives. Alstom will maintain all units delivered for the first ten years.

Today, on 21.07.2016, the first machine was officially delivered to Metrans Rail, a subsidiary of HHLA. The blue locomotive (no. 90 80 1002 011-7 D-MTRD) proudly carries the name ‘Hamburg’, the city where it will be allocated to. The design, with various city names in different blue tones, was applied earlier on three V90 shunting locomotives, formerly in service of the Deutsche Bahn:

A second H3 locomotive for Metrans will arrive in December. In August-September 2015, Metrans Rail already evaluated an H3 locomotive, being the yellow-red 1002 006, which was built for MEG.

Copyright HHLA / René Kowollik
Copyright HHLA / René Kowollik

Alstom has been developing the H3 shunting locomotive platform since 2010. Later on, the product was renamed ‘Prima H3’ putting it in one family with the 4-axle Prima H4 and other mainline Prima locomotives from the same manufacturer.

The H3 has 3 axles and can be used for both shunting and mainline duties. Its minimum curve radius is 60 meter and its maximum speed 100 km/h. It should be possible to use up to 50% less fuel (diesel) compared to classic shunting locomotives. A hybrid concept also reduces the emission of dust particles, CO and Nox.

Metrans has, like the other operators that have acquired Prima H3 locomotives such as Audi, Volkswagen, MEG and Deutsche Bahn, the hybrid version of the modular platform locomotive. This means each machine has a 350 kW diesel generator and a battery. In total, a machine than has 700 kW of power.

Alstom also offers a battery-only, a dual engine and a diesel version of the Prima H3 (1.000 kW).

A gallery by Mark Wagner of Metrans 1002 011 during its first weeks of service: