[NL] Railcolor: former NS locomotives series 1600

Once there were 58 series 1600 locomotives in the Netherlands. They had a modest yellow and grey livery, the now well known brand colors of the Dutch state railways. Than new EU directives arrived and the fleet was split up, the machines that became part of the passenger-pool were renumbered as 1800 series, the freight locos remained 1600s. The redesignation was purely administrative, there was no technical difference between both number series.

NS Reizigers, owner of the passenger locomotives, decided to withdraw all 1800 over the past years. Most were scrapped for metal, two were spared for the national railway museum. Bentheimer Eisenbahn, Locon, Shunter and ACTS (via private channels) and HSL Logistik were able to get some machines for open-access freight services, spare parts or training.

The current owner of the freight-1600s, DB Cargo, still operates 1604, 1611, 1614, 1615 and 1616, but their end is near. These now all sport the red DB Cargo livery. Also DB Cargo sold machines to other operators. 1600s went to Railfeeding for freight services and EETC became the owner of three machines for its passenger trains.

Liberalisation of rail traffic in Europe brings new operators, and brings new colors. This sure applies to the former Dutch 1600 series locomotives. An overview it its color explosion:

1606/1609: now Railfeeding 4401/4402

1607/1608/1609/1617/1620: ACTS (all out of service now)

1618/1619/1621: EETC>Captrain>Railogix

1827/1834/1831/1836/1835/1828/1833/1830/1829: Locon 9901-9909

1832: HSL Logistik

1835: Bentheimer Eisenbahn E01